This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Abbotsford, British Columbia        
  Aberdeen, South Dakota        
  Akron, Ohio        
  Alabama, United States Alabama, United States      
  Alameda, California, United States of America        
  Alaska, United States Alaska, United States      
  Albany Lot 27, Prince Edward Island        
  Albert County, New Brunswick        
  Alberta, Canada        
  Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island        
  Albion Mines, Nova Scotia        
  Alexander, Washington, Maine        
  Alexandra, Prince Edward Island        
  Allerton, Massachusetts        
  Allston, Massachusetts        
  Alma, Lot 3, Prince Edward Island        
  American Lake, Pierce, Washington, United States        
  Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts        
  Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Amherst, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States        
  Ancaster, Ontario        
  Andover, Maine        
  Andover, Massachusetts        
  Androscoggin, Maine        
  Annan, Dumfries, Scotland        
  Annapolis, Maryland, USA        
  Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Antigonish, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Antrim, Hillsborough, New Hampshire        
  Apohaqui, New Brunswick        
  Appin Road, Lot 30, Prince Edward Island        
  Argyll Shore, Prince Edward Island        
  Argyll, Scotland        
  Arizona Arizona      
  Arlington, Lot 14, Prince Edward Island        
  Arlington, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Arlington, Virginia        
  Arnhem, the Netherlands        
  Aroostook, Maine        
  Assiniboia, Saskatchewan        
  At sea        
  Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA        
  Auburn, King, Washington, United States        
  Augusta, Maine        
  Augustine Cove, Prince Edward Island        
  Aurora, Illinois        
  Avoca, Wicklow, Ireland        
  Avon, Massachusetts        
  Ayr, Scotland        
B Bald Hills, Thurston, Washington, United States        
  Baltic Road, Lot 31, Queens, PEI, Canada        
  Baltic, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island        
  Baltimore, Maryland        
  Bamford, Connecticut        
  Bangor, Maine        
  Bannockburn, Lot 31, Prince Edward Island        
  Barnstable, England        
  Barnstable, Massachusetts        
  Barrow’s Mills, Prince Edward Island        
  Barryville, New Brunswick        
  Bashaw, Alberta        
  Bass River, New Brunswick        
  Bass River, Nova Scotia        
  Bath, Maine        
  Bathurst, New Brunswick        
  Battle Creek, Michigan        
  Bay Fortune, Prince Edward Island        
  Bay Head, Ocean, New Jersey, United States        
  Bayside, Lot 14, Prince Edward Island        
  Beavercreek, Greene, Ohio, United States of America        
  Bedeque Road, Prince Edward Island        
  Bedeque, Prince Edward Island        
  Beech Point, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island        
  Belaire Hosp., Belaire, Queens, NY        
  Belfair, Mason, Washington, USA, 98528        
  Belfast, PEI        
  Belgium   Belgium    
  Bellary, India        
  Belleville, Ontario        
  Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington        
  Belmont, Lot 16, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Belmont, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Bennekom, the Netherlands        
  Berkshire, England        
  Berlin, Coos, New Hampshire        
  Bethel, Windsor, Vermont, USA        
  Beverley, Massachusetts        
  Bible Hill, Nova Scotia        
  Bideford, Devon, England        
  Bideford, Lot 12, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA 01821        
  Birch Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA        
  Blackville, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada        
  Blane Lake, Saskatchewan        
  Blissfield, Northumberland, New Brunswick        
  Blockhouse, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Bloomfield Station, Prince Edward Island        
  Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island        
  Bonaventure, Quebec        
  Bonners Ferry, Idaho        
  Boonville, USA        
  Borculo, The Netherlands        
  Borden, Prince Edward Island        
  Boston, Massachusetts        
  Brackley Point, Lot 33, Prince Edward Island        
  Brackley, Prince Edward Island        
  Bradalbane, Prince Edward Island        
  Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Bradworthy, Devon, England        
  Brae Harbour, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Brae, Lot 9, Prince Edward Island        
  Braintree, Massachusetts, United States        
  Brampton, Ontario        
  Brandon, Manitoba        
  Brantford, Ontario        
  Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington        
  Brewer, Penobscot, Maine, United States        
  Bridgewater, Nova Scotia        
  Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts        
  British Columbia, Canada        
  British Guiana        
  Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Bronte, Ontario        
  Bronx, New York        
  Brookfield, Prince Edward Island        
  Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Brooklyn, New York        
  Brown’s Creek, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Bruce, Ontario, Canada        
  Brunswick, Maine        
  Bryant’s Corner, New Brunswick        
  Bucoda, Washington, USA        
  Buffalo, New York        
  Buitenpost, the Netherlands        
  Bulyea, Saskatchewan, Canada        
  Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont        
  Burlington, New Jersey, United States        
  Burlington, Prince Edward Island        
  Burnaby, British Columbia        
  Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada        
  Burnside Presbyterian, Prince Edward Island        
  Butternut Ridge, New Brunswick        
C Calais, Maine        
  Caledonia North, Prince Edward Island        
  Caledonia, Prince Edward Island        
  Calgary, Alberta        
  California, United States California, United States      
  Cambeltown, Argyll, Scotland        
  Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Cambridgeport, Massachusetts        
  Camden, Maine        
  Camden, New Jersey        
  Campbells Pond, Park Corner, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Campbellton, New Brunswick        
  Campbellton, Prince Edward Island        
  Campton, New Hampshire        
  Canada Road, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Island        
  Canso East, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Canton, Oxford, Maine, United States        
  Canyon City, Grant, Oregon, United States        
  Cape Breton, Nova Scotia        
  Cape Porpoise, York, Maine, United States of America        
  Cape Traverse, Lot 28, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Cape Wolfe, Prince Edward Island        
  Carberry, Manitoba        
  Carleton Siding, Prince Edward Island        
  Carleton, Prince Edward Island        
  Carleton, Yarmouth Co. Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Carroll, Maine        
  Cartwright, Manitoba, Canada        
  Cascumpec, Lot 5, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Catalina, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Canada        
  Cavendish, Prince Edward Island        
  Central Royalty, Prince Edward Island        
  Central, Lot 16, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Centre Line Road, Prince Edward Island        
  Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts        
  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island        
  Chatham, Massachusetts        
  Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada        
  Chelan, Washington        
  Chelmsford, Massachusetts        
  Chelsea, Massachusetts        
  Chelton, Prince Edward Island        
  Cheney, Spokane, Washington, United States        
  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States        
  Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts        
  China, Kennebec, Maine, United States        
  Chipman Village, New Brunswick        
  Cholt, British Columbia        
  Church of England, Richmond Parish, St. Eleanors, Prince Edward Island        
  Churchill, Prince Edward Island        
  Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire        
  Clearview, Snohomish, Washington, United States        
  Clifton, Mason, Washington, United States        
  Clinton, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Clyde (Dog) River, Lot 31, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Cohasset, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States        
  Colchester (South Edmonton), Alberta        
  Colebrook, New Hampshire        
  Coleman, Prince Edward Island        
  Colorado, United States Colorado, United States      
  Columbia, New York        
  Comox, British Columbia        
  Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States        
  Connecticut, United States Connecticut, United States      
  Consort, Alberta        
  Conway, Lot 11, Prince Edward Island        
  Conway, New Hampshire        
  Cooper, Maine, United States        
  Coquitlam, British Columbia        
  Corinna, Maine        
  Cornwall, England   Cornwall, England    
  Cornwall, Prince Edward Island        
  County Line Road, Prince Edward Island        
  Covehead, Prince Edward Island        
  Crapaud, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Cronebane, Avoca, Wicklow, Ireland        
  Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Cuyahoga County, Ohio        
  Cuyahoga, Ohio        
D Dalhousie, New Brunswick        
  Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts        
  Danville, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA        
  Darlington, Prince Edward Island        
  Darnley, Prince Edward Island        
  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia        
  Davenport, Scott, Iowa        
  Dayton, Greene, Ohio, United States        
  Decatur, Van Buren, Michigan, United States        
  Dedham, Massachusetts        
  Deering, Maine        
  Delaware, United States        
  Delft, The Netherlands        
  Delta, BC        
  Denver, Colorado        
  Derby, England        
  Derby, New Brunswick        
  Derry, Ireland        
  Desable, Prince Edward Island        
  Detroit, Michigan        
  Devon, England        
  Dexter, Penobscot, Maine, United States        
  Diepenheim, Overijssel, Nederland        
  Digby, Nova Scotia        
  District of Columbia        
  Dixfield, Maine        
  Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States        
  Dorchester,, New Brunswick        
  Douglastown, New Brunswick        
  Dover Foxcroft, Piscataquis, Maine, United States        
  Dover, New Hampshire        
  Drumheller, Alberta        
  Dufferin, Ontario        
  Dumfries, Scotland        
  Dunblane, Prince Edward Island        
  Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, United Kingdom        
  Durham, Maine        
E East Bideford, Prince Edward Island        
  East Boston, Massachusetts        
  East Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  East Kingston, New Hampshire        
  East Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  East Walpole, Massachusetts        
  East Windsor, Connecticut        
  Eastport, Idaho, United States        
  Eatonville, Pierce, Washington        
  Edgartown, Massachusetts        
  Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland        
  Edmonton, Alberta        
  Edmundston, New Brunswick        
  Eel Creek, Prince Edward Island        
  El Paso, El Paso, Texas, United States        
  El Reno, Canadian, Oklahoma, United States        
  Ellerslie, Lot 12, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Ellsworth, Hancock, Maine        
  Elmsdale, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Elsdon, Northumberland, England        
  England, United Kingdom   England, United Kingdom    
  Enmore, Lot 10, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Errol, New Hampshire        
  Erromanga, New Hebrides        
  Essondale, British Columbia        
  Evanston, Illinois        
  Everett, Massachusetts        
  Exeter, New Hampshire        
F Fairfield, Maine        
  Fairhaven, Massachusetts        
  Fall River, Massachusetts        
  Falmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States        
  Far Rockaway, Queens, New York        
  Fergus, Ontario        
  Fern Park, Seminole, Florida        
  Fernhill, Pierce, Washington        
  Fifteen Point, Prince Edward Island        
  Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA        
  Floral Park, Nassau, New York, United States        
  Florida, USA Florida, USA      
  Fort Kent, Aroostook, Maine        
  Fortune Cove, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Founds Mills, Prince Edward Island        
  Fox Point, Prince Edward Island        
  Foxboro, Massachusetts        
  Foxley River, Prince Edward Island        
  Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States        
  France   France    
  Fredericton, New Brunswick        
  Fredericton, Prince Edward Island        
  Free Soil, Mason, Michigan, USA        
  Freeland, Lot 11, Prince Edward Island        
  Freetown, Prince Edward Island        
  French River, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Frontenac, Ontario        
G Gardiner Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia        
  Gardiner, Maine        
  Gaspe, Quebec        
  Georgetown, Guyana        
  Georgetown, Prince Edward Island        
  Georgia, United States        
  Germany   Germany    
  Getsons Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Gilford, Belknap, New Hampshire, United States        
  Gilroy, California        
  Glace Bay, Nova Scotia        
  Glasgow, Scotland        
  Glasgow, Valley, Montana        
  Glenchien, Alberta        
  Glenwood, Lot 8, Prince Edward Island        
  Gloucester, Massachusetts        
  Goderich, Huron, Ontario, Canada        
  Gorham, New Hampshire        
  Grafton, New Hampshire        
  Grafton, Oxford, Maine        
  Grahams Road, Prince Edward Island        
  Grand Falls, New Brunswick        
  Grand Forks, Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States        
  Grand Lake Stream, Maine        
  Grand River, Lot 14, Prince Edward Island        
  Granville, Lot 21, Prince Edward Island        
  Great Lake Stream, Maine        
  Great Works, Maine        
  Greece, Monroe, New York, United States        
  Greenfield, Massachusetts        
  Greenhill, Prince Edward Island        
  Greenmount, Prince Edward Island        
  Greenville, Maine        
  Greenwich, Connecticut        
  Groton, Connecticut        
  Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada        
H Haliburton, Prince Edward Island        
  Halifax County, Nova Scotia        
  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Hamilton Road, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island        
  Hamilton, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Hamilton, Ontario        
  Hamiota, Manitoba        
  Hampton, Prince Edward Island        
  Hants County, Nova Scotia   Hants County, Nova Scotia    
  Harbour Grace, Newfoundland        
  Hardisty, Alberta        
  Harmony, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Harrington, Prince Edward Island        
  Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg (Independent City), Virginia        
  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut        
  Hartland, Devon, England        
  Hartland, Somerset, Maine        
  Hartsville, Prince Edward Island        
  Hatherleigh, Devon, England        
  Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts        
  Hawaii, United States Hawaii, United States      
  Hawkesbury, Ontario        
  Hazelbrook, Lot 48, Prince Edward Island        
  Hazerswoude, Zuid Holland,Netherlands        
  Hazlet, Monmouth, New Jersey        
  Head Hillsborough, Prince Edward Island        
  Heemstede, the Netherlands        
  Herbert, Saskatchewan        
  Hill, Merrimack, New Hampshire        
  Hillsborough, Prince Edward Island        
  Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Holbrook, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Holland, Orleans, Vermont        
  Hollister, California        
  Holsworthy, Devon, England        
  Holyoke, Massachusetts        
  Hong Kong        
  Hope River, Prince Edward Island        
  Hopkinton, Massachusetts        
  Hospital, Prince County, Summerside, PEI        
  Houlton, Maine        
  Howland, Prince Edward Island        
  Hudson, New Hampshire        
  Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA        
  Huntley, Prince Edward Island        
  Hyde Park, Massachusetts        
I Idaho, United States Idaho, United States      
  Illinois, United States Illinois, United States      
  Indian River, Prince Edward Island        
  Indiana, United States Indiana, United States      
  Inglisville, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Inverness, Lot 11, Prince Edward Island        
  Iona, Prince Edward Island        
  Iowa, United States        
  Ipswich, Massachusetts        
  Ireland   Ireland    
  Irishtown, Lot 20, Prince Edward Island        
  Irma, Alberta        
  Island Falls, Maine        
  Italy   Italy    
J Jackson, White, Indiana, United States        
  Jamacia Plain, Massachusetts        
  Jefferson, Kentucky        
  Jura, Argyll, Scotland        
K Kalamazoo, Michigan        
  Kalispell, Montana        
  Kamloops, British Columbia        
  Kane, Illinois        
  Kansas, United States Kansas, United States      
  Katwijk, S. Holland, the Netherlands        
  Kearny, Hudson, New Jersey, United States        
  Kelvin Grove, Prince Edward Island        
  Kennebec, Maine        
  Kenner, Louisiana        
  Kensington, Prince Edward Island        
  Kent, New Brunswick        
  Kildare Cape, Prince Edward Island        
  Kildare River, Prince Edward Island        
  Kildare, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England        
  Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Kimberley, British Columbia        
  King, Washington        
  Kings, New Brunswick        
  Kingston, Massachusetts        
  Kingston,Lot 31, Prince Edward Island        
  Kinkora, Prince Edward Island        
  Kintyre, Scotland        
  Kirkland Lake, Ontario        
  Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland        
  Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland        
  Kirkwood, Missouri        
  Kitchener, Ontario        
  Knockanree, Vale of Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland        
  Knockanree, Wicklow, Ireland        
  Knutsford, Prince Edward Island        
  Kokish, British Columbia        
  Korea   Korea    
L Lacombe, NWT        
  Laconia, Belknap, New Hampshire        
  Lakeville Corner, Sheffield, Sunbury, New Brunswick        
  Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States        
  Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts        
  Largo, Pinellas County, Florida        
  Launcells, Cornwall, England        
  Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts        
  Leamington, Ontario        
  Leiden, the Netherlands        
  Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States        
  Lethbridge, Alberta        
  Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, United States        
  Lewisville, New Brunswick        
  Lexington, Massachusetts        
  Linconville, Maine        
  Linkletter Road, Lot 17, Prince Edward Island        
  Little Marsh, Prince Edward Island        
  Lloydminister, Saskatchewan        
  Logansport, Cass, Indiana, United States        
  London, Ontario, Canada        
  Long Creek, Prince Edward Island        
  Long River, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Longcot, Berkshire, England        
  Lonneker, Overijssel, Nederland        
  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California        
  Lot 1, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 10, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 11, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 12, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 13, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 14, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 16, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 17, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 18, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 19, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 19, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 2, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 20, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 21, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 22, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 24, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 25, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 29, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 3, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 31, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 32, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 33, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 4, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 49, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 5, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 58, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 6, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 63, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 65, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 65, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 67, Prince Edward Island        
  Lot 7, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 8, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Lot 9, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Louisana, United States        
  Louisville, Kentucky        
  Lourdes, Pictou Co., Nova Scotia        
  Low Point, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Lower Bedeque, Prince Edward Island        
  Lower Freetown, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Lubec, Maine,        
  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia        
  Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts        
M Maccan, Nova Scotia        
  Maddocks, Prince Edward Island        
  Madison, Somerset, Maine        
  Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia        
  Maine, United States Maine, United States      
  Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Malone, Franklin, New York        
  Malpeque, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island        
  Manchester, New Hampshire        
  Manhattan, New York        
  Manitoba, Canada        
  Maple Hill, Lot 14, Prince Edward Island        
  Marblehead, Massachusetts        
  Margate, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Marion, Ohio        
  Marlboro, Massachusetts        
  Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Marston On Dove, Derbyshire, England        
  Maryland, United States Maryland, United States      
  Mashpee, Barnstable, Massachusetts        
  Massachusetts, United States        
  Mattawamkeag, Penobscot, Maine        
  Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Mayfield, Prince Edward Island        
  McAdam Junction, New Brunswick        
  McNeill’s Mill, Prince Edward Island        
  Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA        
  Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Medicine Hat, Alberta        
  Meggison’s Creek, Prince Edward Island        
  Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Merrimac, Essex, Massachusetts        
  Mexico, Oxford, Maine, United States        
  Michigan, United States Michigan, United States      
  Middleborough, Massachusetts        
  Middleton, Prince Edward Island        
  Milburn West, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Milburn, Lot 8, Prince Edward Island        
  Milford, Massachusetts        
  Milford, New Hampshire        
  Mill River, Prince Edward Island        
  Mill Valley, Prince Edward Island        
  Millbury, Massachusetts        
  Millinocket, Penobscot, Maine        
  Milltown, Prince Edward Island        
  Milton, Massachusetts        
  Milton, Prince Edward Island        
  Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin        
  Miminigash, Prince Edward Island        
  Minnesota, United States Minnesota, United States      
  Miramichi, New Brunswick        
  Miscouche, Prince Edward Island        
  Mississippi, United States Mississippi, United States      
  Missouri, United States Missouri, United States      
  Molus (Molies) River, Kent, New Brunswick        
  Moncton City Hospital, Moncton, NB        
  Moncton, New Brunswick        
  Monkleigh, Devon, England        
  Monmouth, Maine,        
  Monroe, New York        
  Montague, Prince Edward Island        
  Montana, United States Montana, United States      
  Montgomery, Ohio, United States        
  Montreal, Quebec        
  Montrose, Prince Edward Island        
  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan        
  Morell, Prince Edward Island        
  Morwenstow, Cornwall        
  Mount Desert, Maine        
  Mount Lehman, British Columbia        
  Mount Pleasant, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Mount Pleasant, Westchester, New York        
  Mount Royal, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Mt. Herbert, Prince Edward Island        
  Muddy Creek, Prince Edward Island        
  Multnomah, Multnomah, Oregon        
  Munising, Michigan        
  Murray River, Prince Edward Island        
  Myddelton Square St Mark, England        
N Nantucket, Massachusetts        
  Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States        
  Nassau, New York        
  Natrona, Wyoming        
  Nebraska, United States Nebraska, United States      
  Neede, The Netherlands        
  Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States        
  Nevada, United States Nevada, United States      
  New Aberdeen, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia        
  New Annan, Prince Edward Island        
  New Bedford, Massachusetts        
  New Bideford Lot 12, Prince Edward Island        
  New Boston, Hillsborough, New Hampshire        
  New Brunswick, Canada        
  New England, United States        
  New Glasgow, Nova Scotia        
  New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island        
  New Hampshire, United States New Hampshire, United States      
  New Haven, Connecticut        
  New Haven, Prince Edward Island        
  New Jersey, United States New Jersey, United States      
  New London, Connecticut        
  New London, Prince Edward Island        
  New Norway, Alberta        
  New Richmond, Quebec        
  New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada        
  New Wiltshire, Lot 31, Prince Edward Island        
  New York City, Richmond, New York, United States        
  New York, New York        
  New York, Queens, New York, United States        
  New York, USA New York, USA      
  New Zealand   New Zealand    
  Newburyport, Massachusetts        
  Newcastle, New Brunswick        
  Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada        
  Newmarket, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States        
  Newton Jct, New Hampshire        
  Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Newtonville, Massachusetts        
  Newtown, Kings, New Brunswick        
  Niagara Falls, New York        
  Nine Mile Creek, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Noank, Connecticut        
  Noordwijk, Zuid Holland, Netherlands        
  Norboro, Prince edward Island        
  Norfolk Downs, Massachusetts        
  Normandy, France        
  North Bedeque, Prince Edward Island        
  North Carleton, Prince Edward Island        
  North Carolina, United States North Carolina, United States      
  North Dakota, United States North Dakota, United States      
  North Enmore, Prince Edward Island        
  North Granville, Prince Edward Island        
  North Milton, Prince Edward Island        
  North River, Prince Edward Island        
  North River, Prince Edward Island        
  North St. Eleanor's, Prince Edward Island        
  North Tamerton, Cornwall, England        
  North Wiltshire, Prince Edward Island        
  Northam, Devon, England        
  Northam, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Northfield, Sunbury, New Brunswick        
  Northumberland, New Brunswick        
  Norton Station, Kings Co, New Brunswick        
  Norton, Kings Co, New Brunswick        
  Norwell, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Norwich, England        
  Norwich, Connecticut        
  Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Nova Scotia, Canada        
O O' Leary Station, Prince Edward Island        
  O'Leary Road, Prince Edward Island        
  O'Leary, Prince Edward Island        
  Oakland, California        
  Oakland, Kennebec, Maine        
  Oceanside, New York        
  Ogden, Utah        
  Ohio, United States Ohio, United States      
  Oklahoma, United States Oklahoma, United States      
  Old Harbour, Jamaica, British West Indies        
  Old Town, Penobscot, Maine        
  Omaha, Nebraska        
  Onset, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Ontario, Canada        
  Orange, Massachusetts        
  Orangeville, Ontario        
  Oregon, United States Oregon, United States      
  Orono, Maine        
  Oshawa, Ontario        
  Oswego, New York        
  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada        
  Otter Tail, Minnesota, USA        
  Oyster Cove, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island        
P Palo Alta, California        
  Pancrasweek, England        
  Parish of Avoca, Ireland        
  Park Corner, Prince Edward Island        
  Parkham, Devon, England        
  Parma, New York        
  Parry Sound, Ontario        
  Peabody, Essex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Pembina Mountain, Dakota, United States        
  Pembroke, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States        
  Penacook, New Hampshire        
  Pennsylvania, United States Pennsylvania, United States      
  Penobscot, Maine        
  Pepperell, Massachusetts        
  Percival River, Prince Edward Island        
  Perth Amboy, New Jersey        
  Peru, Oxford, Maine, United States        
  Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, United States        
  Peterborough, Ontario        
  Peticodiac, Westmorland, New Brunswick        
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania        
  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona        
  Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Pierce, Washington        
  Pierre Jacques, Prince Edward Island        
  Pittsburg, Pennsylvania        
  Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts        
  Placer, California        
  Pleasant View, Lot 1, Prince Edward Island        
  Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA        
  Point De Bute, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada        
  Pompano Beach, Florida        
  Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan        
  Poplar Grove, Prince Edward Island        
  Port Arthur, Ontario        
  Port Elgin, New Brunswick        
  Port Hill Station, Prince Edward Island        
  Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Port Hope, Ontario        
  Port Huron, Michigan        
  Portage, Prince Edward Island        
  Portland, Cumberland, Maine        
  Portland, Washington, Oregon        
  Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire        
  Poughill Church, Cornwall, England        
  Pownal, Lot 49, Prince Edward Island        
  Presbyterian Church, Richmond Lot 16, Prince Edward Island        
  Prescott, Ontario        
  Presque Isle, Maine        
  Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Prince William, New Brunswick        
  Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Princeton, Washington, Maine        
  Princetown, Prince Edward Island        
  Providence, Providence, Rhode Island        
  Provost, Alberta        
  Pugwash, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Pynacker, Netherlands        
Q Quarryville, New Brunswick        
  Quebec, Canada        
  Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Queens, Queens, New York        
  Quidi Vidi, St John's, Newfoundland        
  Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
R Randolph, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Rangley, Maine        
  Raynham, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA        
  Readfield, Kennebec, Maine        
  Reading, Massachusetts        
  Redding, Shasta, California, United States        
  Reeuwyk, the Netherlands        
  Reformed Church, Brooklyn, Kings, NY        
  Regina, Saskatchewan        
  Restigouche, New Brunswick        
  Revelstoke, British Columbia        
  Revere, Massachusetts        
  Rexton, New Brunswick        
  Rhode Island, United States        
  Richibucto, New Brunswick        
  Richmond Bay, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Richmond Parish, PEI        
  Riverdale, Lot 30, Prince Edward Island        
  Robinson Island, Rustico, PEI        
  Rochester, Monroe, New York, United States        
  Rockland, Maine        
  Rockledge, Brevard, Florida        
  Rockport, Maine        
  Rose Hill, Lot 16, Prince Edward Island        
  Rosebank, Prince Edward Island        
  Rosebury, Montana        
  Rosendale, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin        
  Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts        
  Roxbury, Massachusetts        
  Roy, Washington        
  Rumford, Oxford, Maine, United States        
  Russia   Russia    
  Rustico Island, Prince Edward Island        
  Rustico Road, North Milton, Prince Edward Island        
  Rustico, Prince Edward Island        
  Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts        
S Sackville, New Brunswick        
  Saco, Maine        
  Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States        
  Saint John TB Hospital, Saint John, New Brunswick        
  Saint John, New Brunswick        
  Saint Lawrence, Québec, Canada        
  Saint-Jacques, Québec, Canada        
  Salem, Massachusetts        
  Salem, New Hampshire        
  Salisbury, New Brunswick        
  Salt Lake City, Utah        
  San Diego, San Diego, California, United States        
  San Francisco, California        
  San Mateo, California        
  Sarasota, Florida        
  Sarnia, Ontario        
  Saskatchewan, Canada        
  Saugus, Essex, Massachusetts        
  Scituate, Massachusetts        
  Scotland   Scotland    
  Sea View, Prince Edward Island        
  Seal Harbor, Maine        
  Searletown, Lot 27, PEI        
  Seattle, King, Washington        
  Semarang, Java, Indonesia        
  Senlac, Saskatchewan        
  Shamrock, Prince Edward Island        
  Sheep River, Prince Edward Island        
  Sherbrooke, Prince, Prince Edward Island        
  Shiloh, Maine        
  Shipyard Rd., Lot 18, PEI        
  Shubenacadie, Hants, Nova Scotia        
  Simcoe, Ontario        
  SKatwijk, South Holland, the Netherlands        
  Smith Road, Lot 2, Prince Edward Island        
  Smithers, British Columbia        
  Smyrna Mills, Aroostook, Maine        
  Snohomish, Washington        
  Somerville, Maine        
  Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Souris, Prince Edward Island        
  South Dakota, United States South Dakota, United States      
  South Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  South West Lot 16, Prince Edward Island        
  South Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Southampton, England        
  Southport, Prince Edward Island        
  Southwest. Lot 16        
  Spalding, Saskatchewan        
  Spallumchun, British Columbia, Canada        
  Spokane, Spokane, Washington, United States        
  Spring Valley, Prince Edward Island        
  Springbrook, Prince Edward Island        
  Springfield West, Prince Edward Island, Canada        
  Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts        
  Springhill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Springhill, Nova Scotia        
  St Albans, Somerset, Maine, United States        
  St Boniface, Manitoba,        
  St Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick        
  St. Catharine's, Ontario        
  St. Catherines, Prince Edward Island        
  St. Eleanors, Prince Edward Island        
  St. James Anglican, Port Hill, Prince Edward Island        
  St. John's, Newfoundland        
  St. Louis, Missouri        
  St. Louis, Missouri        
  St. Nicholas, Prince Edward Island        
  Staceyville, Maine        
  Stamford, Connecticut        
  Stanhope, Prince Edward Island        
  Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island        
  Stellarton, Pictou, Nova Scotia        
  Stibb Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England        
  Stillwater, Maine, United States        
  Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Stoughton, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Strathroy, Middlesex, Ontario        
  Streetsville, Ontario        
  Sudbury, Massachusetts        
  Summerside, Prince Edward Island        
  Sumner, Pierce, Washington        
  Sunbury, New Brunswick        
  Sunny Brae, New Brunswick        
  Sussex, New Brunswick        
  Sweden   Sweden    
  Sydney Forks, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia        
  Sydney River, Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia, Canada        
  Sydney, Cape Breton        
  Syracruse, New York        
T Tabusintac, New Brunswick        
  Tacoma, Pierce, Washington        
  Takoma Park, Prince George's, Maryland        
  Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia        
  Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts        
  Terrace, British Columbia, Canada        
  Tewksbury, Massachusetts        
  Texas, USA        
  The Hague, S. Holland, the Netherlands        
  The Lighthouse, West Point, Prince Edward Island        
  The Netherlands        
  The Rectory, Port Hill, PEI        
  Third Pond, Prince Edward Island        
  Thunder Bay, Ontario        
  Thurston, Washington, United States        
  Tignish, Prince Edward Island        
  Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States        
  Toney River, Nova Scotia        
  Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Toronto, Ontario        
  Trail, Rossland, British Columbia        
  Travellers Rest, Prince Edward Island        
  Trout River, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island        
  Trout River, New Brunswick        
  Troy, Waldo, Maine        
  Truro, Nova Scotia        
  Tryon, Lot 28, Prince Edward Island        
  Turtle Creek, Allegheny, Pennsylvania        
  Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island        
U Underwood, McLean, North Dakota        
  Union Corner, Prince Edward Island        
  Union Vale, Prince Edward Island        
  United States   United States    
  Unity, Waldo, Maine        
  Upper Freetown, Lot 25, Prince Edward Island        
  Upper Gaspereaux, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada        
  Upper Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia        
  Upton, Oxford, Maine        
  Utah, United States        
V Vale of Avoca, Wicklow, Ireland        
  Valkenburg, S. Holland, The Netherlands        
  Van Buren, Aroostook, Maine        
  Vanceboro, Maine, United States        
  Vancouver, British Columbia        
  Vermont, USA Vermont, USA      
  Vicksburg, Kalamazoo, Michigan        
  Victoria West, Prince Edward Island        
  Victoria, British Columbia        
  Virginia, United States Virginia, United States      
  Voorburg, Z.H.,the Netherlands        
  Vrijenban, the Netherlands        
W Wakefield, Massachusetts        
  Waldeck, Saskatchewan        
  Wales, United Kingdom        
  Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States        
  Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Washington State, United States Washington State, United States      
  Washington, Maine        
  Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts        
  Waterville, Kennebec, Maine        
  Wayland,, Massachusetts        
  Weldford, Kent, New Brunswick        
  Wellesley, Massachusetts        
  Wellington, Lot 16, Prince Edward Island        
  Wellington, New Zealand        
  Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington        
  West Bay, Inverness, Nova Scotia        
  West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  West Cape, Prince Edward Island        
  West Devon, Prince Edward Island        
  West Farmington, Maine        
  West Haven, Connecticut        
  West Indies        
  West Newton, Massachusetts        
  West Peru, Oxford Co., Maine        
  West Point, Prince Edward Island        
  West River, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  West Royalty, Queens, Prince Edward Island        
  Western Road, Lot 13        
  Western Road, Lot 2, Prince Edward Island        
  Western Road, Lot 3, Prince Edward Island        
  Western Road, Lot 5, Prince Edward Island        
  Westfield, N.S        
  Westfield, New Brunswick        
  Westford, Massachusetts        
  Westmoreland, Lot 29, PEI        
  Westmorland, New Brunswick        
  Westport, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States        
  Wexford, Wexford, Michigan        
  Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Whiskeytown, California, USA        
  White Plains, New York        
  Whiting, Ocean, New Jersey        
  Whitman, Plymouth, Massachusetts        
  Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia        
  Wicklow, Ireland        
  Wigmore Road, Prince Edward Island        
  Wilmot Creek, Prince Edward Island        
  Wilmot Valley, Prince Edward Island        
  Wilmot, Prince Edward Island        
  Winchester, Massachusetts        
  Winchester, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States        
  Windsor, Connecticut        
  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada        
  Winsloe North, Prince Edward Island        
  Winslow, Prince Edward Island        
  Winterport, Maine        
  Winthrop, Massachusetts        
  Wisconsin, United States Wisconsin, United States      
  Woburn, Massachusetts        
  Woodland, Washington, Maine        
  Woodleigh, Burlington        
  Woodstock, New Brunswick        
  Woodstock, Prince Edward Island        
  Woodvale, Lot 2, Prince Edward Island        
  Worcester, Massachusetts        
  Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts        
  Wyoming, United States        
Y Yakima County, Washington, USA        
  Yarmouth, Nova Scotia        
  Yarmouthport Massachusetts        
  York, New Brunswick        
  Youngstown, Alberta        
  Yuma County, Arizona, USA        
Z Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio