Brewer, Penobscot, Maine, United States


  1. Bell, Thomas
  2. Bell, William Brenton
  3. Family of Grant, James Henry and Robinson, Isabella Shaw
    1. Grant, James Henry
    2. Robinson, Isabella Shaw
  4. Family of Severance, Frank and McKenzie, Mary Ann Mae
    1. McKenzie, Mary Ann Mae
    2. Severance, Frank
  5. Family of Simmonds Simmons, Joseph Hudson and Wheaton, Nina
    1. Simmonds Simmons, Joseph Hudson
    2. Wheaton, Nina
  6. Gass, Harold
  7. Gass, John Andrew
  8. Gass, John Andrew Jr.
  9. Grant, James Henry
  10. McKenzie, Mary Ann Mae
  11. Robertson, Jessie
  12. Robinson, Isabella Shaw
  13. Severance, Elmer R.
  14. Severance, Frank
  15. Simmonds Simmons, Joseph Hudson
  16. Wheaton, Nina