Thunder Bay, Ontario

City Thunder Bay, Ontario


  1. Campbell, Albert Harland
  2. Campbell, Annie Christina
  3. Campbell, Horatio Nelson
  4. Campbell, Sarah Ann
  5. Dyment, Charles Russel
  6. Ellis, Myrtle
  7. Family of Campbell, Albert Harland and McArthur, Margaret May
    1. Campbell, Albert Harland
    2. McArthur, Margaret May
  8. Family of Haywood, Leslie Merrill and Skipper, Lillian Olive
    1. Haywood, Leslie Merrill
    2. Skipper, Lillian Olive
  9. Family of Johnston, Joseph Howard and McArthur, Muriel
    1. Johnston, Joseph Howard
    2. McArthur, Muriel
  10. Family of McArthur, Douglas Dougald Dugald and Marshall, Annie
    1. Marshall, Annie
    2. McArthur, Douglas Dougald Dugald
  11. Family of McArthur, John Bradford and Wigmore, Florence
    1. McArthur, John Bradford
    2. Wigmore, Florence
  12. Haywood, Leslie Merrill
  13. Horne, Daniel Eldon Sr.
  14. Johnston, Joseph Howard
  15. Marshall, Annie
  16. McArthur, Douglas Dougald Dugald
  17. McArthur, John Bradford
  18. McArthur, Margaret May
  19. McArthur, Muriel
  20. Skipper, Lillian Olive
  21. Wigmore, Florence