Revere, Massachusetts


  1. Bates, Chetwood
  2. Family of Bates, Chetwood and Ramsay, Florence Bertha
    1. Bates, Chetwood
    2. Ramsay, Florence Bertha
  3. Family of Park, Isaac P. and Ramsay, Jane Stewart Jennie
    1. Park, Isaac P.
    2. Ramsay, Jane Stewart Jennie
  4. Family of Waldron, Orville S. and Ramsay, Penelope Emma
    1. Ramsay, Penelope Emma
    2. Waldron, Orville S.
  5. McDougall, Eliza Ann
  6. Park, Isaac P.
  7. Ramsay, Florence Bertha
  8. Ramsay, Harry Nelson
  9. Ramsay, Jane Stewart Jennie
  10. Ramsay, Penelope Emma
  11. Stewart, Annie Louise
  12. Waldron, Orville S.