New Bedford, Massachusetts


  1. Bertram, John
  2. Bertram, Lawrence Edwin
  3. Campbell, Margaret Ellen
  4. Campbell, Mary E.
  5. Christopher, Charles W.
  6. Cushing, Alice Taber
  7. Dunham, Zacheus Chase
  8. Family of Bertram, John and Feavyour, Phoebe
    1. Bertram, John
    2. Feavyour, Phoebe
  9. Family of Bertram, Lawrence Edwin and Cushing, Alice Taber
    1. Bertram, Lawrence Edwin
    2. Cushing, Alice Taber
  10. Family of Christopher, Charles W. and McKay, Emma Elizabeth Emeline
    1. Christopher, Charles W.
    2. McKay, Emma Elizabeth Emeline
  11. Family of Dunham, Zacheus Chase and Campbell, Margaret Ellen
    1. Campbell, Margaret Ellen
    2. Dunham, Zacheus Chase
  12. Family of McDuff, George Ethelbert Macduff and Simpson, Miriam Florence
    1. McDuff, George Ethelbert Macduff
    2. Simpson, Miriam Florence
  13. Family of Stowell, Sidney Herbert and Reeves, Sarah Jane Janie
    1. Reeves, Sarah Jane Janie
    2. Stowell, Sidney Herbert
  14. Feavyour, Phoebe
  15. Gething, Daniel A.
  16. Hanna, Marion
  17. McArthur, Priscilla
  18. McDuff, George Ethelbert Macduff
  19. McKay, Emma Elizabeth Emeline
  20. Ramsay, Catherine
  21. Reeves, Sarah Jane Janie
  22. Simpson, Miriam Florence
  23. Simpson, Percy Bertram
  24. Stowell, Sidney Herbert
  25. Wilson, William Andrew