Providence, Providence, Rhode Island


  1. Boulter, Curtis Lord
  2. Ellis, Herbert Wesley
  3. Ellis, Robert Dockerell
  4. Family of Boulter, Curtis Lord and McDonald, May
    1. Boulter, Curtis Lord
    2. McDonald, May
  5. Family of Ellis, Robert Dockerell and Taylor, Jane Jennie
    1. Ellis, Robert Dockerell
    2. Taylor, Jane Jennie
  6. Family of McEndy, Robert Joseph Leo and McLean, Tamar Christina
    1. McEndy, Robert Joseph Leo
    2. McLean, Tamar Christina
  7. McDonald, May
  8. McEndy, Robert Joseph Leo
  9. McLean, Elsie
  10. McLean, Tamar Christina
  11. Merchant, Mary Giles
  12. Taylor, Jane Jennie