Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts


  1. Bond, Charles Edward
  2. Cassidy, John
  3. Childs, Frank Eliot
  4. Childs, Thomas Leonard
  5. Crowley, Gertrude
  6. Demoy, Jacquelin
  7. Demoy, John Joseph Ted
  8. Dyment, Chesley Holmes
  9. Eaton, Frank Warren
  10. Ellis, Agnes Agness
  11. Ellis, Joan Constance
  12. Ellis, Susannah Cannon
  13. Family of Bond, Charles Edward and Ramsay, Sophia Amelia Emilia
    1. Bond, Charles Edward
    2. Ramsay, Sophia Amelia Emilia
  14. Family of Cassidy, John and McDougall, Mary Jane
    1. Cassidy, John
    2. McDougall, Mary Jane
  15. Family of Childs, Frank Eliot and Ellis, Susannah Cannon
    1. Childs, Frank Eliot
    2. Ellis, Susannah Cannon
  16. Family of Demoy, John Joseph Ted and Ramsay, Nina Pearl
    1. Demoy, John Joseph Ted
    2. Ramsay, Nina Pearl
  17. Family of Dyment, Chesley Holmes and Ross, Sadie
    1. Dyment, Chesley Holmes
    2. Ross, Sadie
  18. Family of Eaton, Frank Warren and McArthur, Enid Louise
    1. Eaton, Frank Warren
    2. McArthur, Enid Louise
  19. Family of Johnson, James Arthur and Neill, Sarah Elizabeth
    1. Johnson, James Arthur
    2. Neill, Sarah Elizabeth
  20. Family of McIntyre, Frank Fuller Ramsay and Folland, Ella Constance
    1. Folland, Ella Constance
    2. McIntyre, Frank Fuller Ramsay
  21. Family of McKenzie, Malcolm and Ramsay, Susan May
    1. McKenzie, Malcolm
    2. Ramsay, Susan May
  22. Family of McLean, Charles John and Phillips, Harriet Irene
    1. McLean, Charles John
    2. Phillips, Harriet Irene
  23. Family of Phillips, Henry Albert and Crowley, Gertrude
    1. Crowley, Gertrude
    2. Phillips, Henry Albert
  24. Family of Phillips, Permenas Edward and Robinson, Harriet Ann Hattie
    1. Phillips, Permenas Edward
    2. Robinson, Harriet Ann Hattie
  25. Family of Ramsay, Harold Wesley and Petrowsky, Helen Marie
    1. Petrowsky, Helen Marie
    2. Ramsay, Harold Wesley
  26. Family of Ramsay, Norman James and Maurer, Helen Ruth
    1. Maurer, Helen Ruth
    2. Ramsay, Norman James
  27. Family of Spavel Spovid Spavold, Henry Vorce Force and McArthur, Margaret Jane Madge Jeanette
    1. McArthur, Margaret Jane Madge Jeanette
    2. Spavel Spovid Spavold, Henry Vorce Force
  28. Family of Sykes, Melborne Alberta and Ellis, Agnes Agness
    1. Ellis, Agnes Agness
    2. Sykes, Melborne Alberta
  29. Folland, Ella Constance
  30. Heffer, Charlotte Lottie
  31. Johnson, James Arthur
  32. Lingley, Vernon Masters
  33. Maurer, Helen Ruth
  34. McArthur, Enid Louise
  35. McArthur, Ethel Constance
  36. McArthur, Glennie
  37. McArthur, Gordon Garfield
  38. McArthur, Hillard Stanley
  39. McArthur, Margaret Jane Madge Jeanette
  40. McArthur, Verna May
  41. McArthur, William James
  42. McArthur, William Neil
  43. McAusland, Bertha
  44. McAusland, Elizabeth Rubyzelle
  45. McAusland, Jane Barlow Jennie
  46. McDougall, Annie Laura
  47. McDougall, Barbara
  48. McDougall, Betty J.
  49. McDougall, Earl A.
  50. McDougall, Edward James
  51. McDougall, George Fulton
  52. McDougall, George Fulton Jr.
  53. McDougall, Ida Belle
  54. McDougall, Isaac
  55. McDougall, Marietta
  56. McDougall, Martha Lillian
  57. McDougall, Mary Jane
  58. McDougall, Walter B.
  59. McIntyre, Frank Fuller Ramsay
  60. McKenzie, Malcolm
  61. McLean, Charles John
  62. Neill, Sarah Elizabeth
  63. Petrowsky, Helen Marie
  64. Phillips, Harriet Irene
  65. Phillips, Henry Albert
  66. Phillips, Permenas Edward
  67. Ramsay, Gertrude Gertie Eleanor Edna
  68. Ramsay, Hannah Penrose
  69. Ramsay, Harold Wesley
  70. Ramsay, Nina Pearl
  71. Ramsay, Norman James
  72. Ramsay, Rebie Reby Mary Jane
  73. Ramsay, Sarah Alice
  74. Ramsay, Sophia Amelia Emilia
  75. Ramsay, Susan May
  76. Robinson, Harriet Ann Hattie
  77. Ross, Sadie
  78. Spavel Spovid Spavold, Henry Vorce Force
  79. Steeves, Georgiana
  80. Sykes, Melborne Alberta
  81. Wallace, Lester