Danville, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA


  1. Brown, Violet L.
  2. Day, Alfred Theodore
  3. Day, Charles Alexander
  4. Day, Etta Blanche
  5. Day, John Lemuel Roland
  6. Day, Mildred Estella
  7. Day, Theodore Charles
  8. Dyment, Sophia Jane Jennie
  9. Family of Day, John Lemuel Roland and Wadsworth, Irma Minnie
    1. Day, John Lemuel Roland
    2. Wadsworth, Irma Minnie
  10. Family of Day, Theodore Charles and West, Mary Abbie
    1. Day, Theodore Charles
    2. West, Mary Abbie
  11. Family of Kimball, William Porter and Murray, Margaret Jane
    1. Kimball, William Porter
    2. Murray, Margaret Jane
  12. Kimball, William Porter
  13. Mace, Donald Carleton
  14. Murray, Margaret Jane
  15. Wadsworth, Irma Minnie
  16. West, Mary Abbie