Williams, Hannah Anna

Birth Name Williams, Hannah Anna
Gender female
Age at Death 80 years, 8 months, 5 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June 23, 1832 Prince Edward Island, Canada June 1833 in the 1911 census, living with son George and his family in springfield Lot 7, widowed
Death February 28, 1913 Knutsford, Prince Edward Island at age 81


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Williams, Edward Henry
Mother Ellis, Agness
    Sister     Williams, Priscilla
    Brother     Williams, William Henry
    Brother     Williams, Uriah
    Brother     Williams, Edward
         Williams, Hannah Anna
    Brother     Williams, Robert Edward
    Brother     Williams, John
    Sister     Williams, Sarah Jane
    Brother     Williams, Henry Harry
    Brother     Williams, Albert Richard
    Brother     Williams, George Frederick
    Brother     Williams, Philip James


    Family of Ellis, Neil and Williams, Hannah Anna
Married Husband Ellis, Neil
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage September 10, 1857 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island @St. James, Susan richards & Eliza Swabey were witnesses
  1. Ellis, Josephine
  2. Ellis, Agnes Maud
  3. Ellis, Eleanor Zena
  4. Ellis, Olga
  5. Ellis, George Frederick


From her obit in the Guardian, January 1913: ...well respected, a good neighbour, kind and thoughtful, and a good supporter of the church.She leaves to mourn two daughters, Mrs. James Hopgood, West Cape, and Mrs. George Ellis, Alberton Terrace, also one son, George F. Ellis at home and two brothers, Harry and John Williams, Bideford. Her husband died 36 years ago.

Guardian 1913
THURSDAY. -,-Death OF MRS. ELLIS.-On the morning of the 26th Feb. the re- sidents of Springfield Lot 7, were sudden demise of Mrs Neil Ellis, in the eighty second year of her age. Deceased was unusually bright and cheerful the day prcvioustq her pass- ing, having spent the afternoon in pleasant conversation with ,her grand- children who always seemed delight- ed to go .

Will of Hannah Ellis, widow of Neil:
Everything to her three children, George, Ellie and Agnes except a box of clothing to two grandchildren, Lewella and Pearl who had lived with her since their mother's death.
Grandson Willard Barnard - $50
She also requested that there be no disagreeing or quarrelling about fixing up this matter

Charles Dyment and Robert England were witnesses






  1. Williams, Edward Henry
    1. Ellis, Agness
      1. Williams, Philip James
      2. Williams, Priscilla
      3. Williams, William Henry
      4. Williams, Uriah
      5. Williams, Edward
      6. Williams, Hannah Anna
        1. Ellis, Neil
          1. Ellis, Josephine
          2. Ellis, Agnes Maud
          3. Ellis, Eleanor Zena
          4. Ellis, Olga
          5. Ellis, George Frederick
      7. Williams, Robert Edward
      8. Williams, John
      9. Williams, Sarah Jane
      10. Williams, Henry Harry
      11. Williams, Albert Richard
      12. Williams, George Frederick