Ramsay, Stella Grace

Birth Name Ramsay, Stella Grace
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, John Archibald - Lot 11May 12, 18541922
Mother Green, Margaret Jane MaggieJune 3, 18561932
    Sister     Ramsay, Mabel 1880 1887
    Brother     Ramsay, Alonzo H. March 24, 1882 before 1932
    Sister     Ramsay, Ella Pearl August 27, 1885 1974
    Brother     Ramsay, Herbert Willis May 28, 1887 November 23, 1949
    Brother     Ramsay, Hubert O. May 5, 1888 September 16, 1919
    Brother     Ramsay, Alexander Percival September 17, 1884
    Sister     Ramsay, Bessy May
         Ramsay, Stella Grace
    Sister     Ramsay, Edna Alma Elma July 29, 1892 1973


Robert and Flora had a daughter Cora who died young. They also had an adopted daughter, Cora Adams. Cora's marriage record to Royden W. Sanborn says her parents were James Adams and Flora McPherson. Flora McPherson Adams died at age 34, in 1897, which might be why Cora was with Robert and Flora, who had lost 2 young children of their own in 1893. She was listed as a daughter in the obituary of James Adams, but was also in all of the Ellis family obituaries. Robert Kennedy, Luella's son, married Cora's daughter Charlotte who he met when he went to New Hampshire to work for his uncle Roy Sanborn.




  1. Ramsay, John Archibald - Lot 11
    1. Green, Margaret Jane Maggie
      1. Ramsay, Mabel
      2. Ramsay, Alonzo H.
      3. Ramsay, Ella Pearl
      4. Ramsay, Herbert Willis
      5. Ramsay, Hubert O.
      6. Ramsay, Alexander Percival
      7. Ramsay, Bessy May
      8. Ramsay, Stella Grace
      9. Ramsay, Edna Alma Elma