Brown, Lawrence

Birth Name Brown, Lawrence
Gender male


FAMILY OF LAWRENCE BROWN OF COVE HEAD, from History of the Montgomery Settlers


Mr. Drummond noted, on 21 Dec. 1770, "This evening Lawrence Brown
and Jean Jamison were married and bedded in the new house."
They were both passengers on the "Falmouth".

In April 1798, the household of "Lau Brown" in Lot 34 con-
sisted of one male under 16 years of age, two males aged 16 to 60,
six females under 16, and three females aged 16 to 60.

By family tradition, Lawrence Brown was a first cousin of Robert
Burns, famous Scottish poet.

Not the whole family, just one that intersect with other families of interest.


Family of Brown, Lawrence and Jamieson, Jean

Married Wife Jamieson, Jean ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Brown, Isabella
Brown, Catherine17781885
Brown, Janet17891863