Adams, James Richard 1

Birth Name Adams, James Richard
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 7, 1924 Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts  
Death October 11, 2006    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Adams, Richard
Mother Dyment, Loretta May Rita
         Adams, James Richard
Stepfather Butler, Harold Vernon
Mother Dyment, Loretta May Rita
    Half-brother     Butler, Harold Vivian
    Half-brother     Butler, Ellery Alton
Stepfather Jelley Jelly, Thomas
Mother Dyment, Loretta May Rita


  1. Adams, Richard
    1. Dyment, Loretta May Rita
      1. Adams, James Richard

Source References

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