Barlow, Mabel Edna

Birth Name Barlow, Mabel Edna
Gender female
Age at Death 81 years, 6 months, 2 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth April 2, 1892 Wellington, Lot 16, Prince Edward Island  
Death October 4, 1973    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Barlow, John Archibald
Mother Connell, Mary Alice
    Brother     Barlow, Guy Aylward
    Brother     Barlow, James Clayon
    Sister     Barlow, Dorothea Gladys
    Brother     Barlow, James Archibald
    Brother     Barlow, John Archibald Jr.
         Barlow, Mabel Edna
Father Barlow, John Archibald
Stepmother Dyment, Mary Eleanor
    Half-brother     Barlow, William Spurgeon
    Half-brother     Barlow, Henry James Williams


    Family of Coulson, John Alexander and Barlow, Mabel Edna
Married Husband Coulson, John Alexander


  1. Barlow, John Archibald
    1. Connell, Mary Alice
      1. Barlow, Guy Aylward
      2. Barlow, Mabel Edna
        1. Coulson, John Alexander
      3. Barlow, James Archibald
      4. Barlow, John Archibald Jr.
      5. Barlow, Dorothea Gladys
      6. Barlow, James Clayon