Harding, John Boyce Boyd

Birth Name Harding, John Boyce Boyd
Gender male
Age at Death 80 years, 8 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 28, 1871 Prince Edward Island, Canada son of Joseph and Mary Ellen
Death June 11, 1952   death notice Guardian June 14 1952, find a grave says 1953


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Harding, Joseph Dawson
Mother Sims, Mary Ellen (Helen)
         Harding, John Boyce Boyd


    Family of Harding, John Boyce Boyd and Hiltz, Josephine
Married Wife Hiltz, Josephine
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage November 26, 1897 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
  1. Harding, Mary Josephine
  2. Harding, Preston Wallace
  3. Harding, Heath Fulton


Household Members:
Name Age
Boyce Harding 40
Josie Harding 33
Harrey Harding 17
Heath Harding 10
Marien Harding 8
Cecil Harding 6
Alma Harding 5
Preston Harding 4
Mary Harding 1
Source Citation

Year: 1911; Census Place: 3, Queens, Prince Edward Island; Page: 4; Family No: 36



  1. Harding, Joseph Dawson
    1. Sims, Mary Ellen (Helen)
      1. Harding, John Boyce Boyd
        1. Hiltz, Josephine
          1. Harding, Heath Fulton
          2. Harding, Mary Josephine
          3. Harding, Preston Wallace