Ramsay, Jennie

Birth Name Ramsay, Jennie
Birth Name Ramsay, Jennie Jane - Lot 17
Gender female
Age at Death 69 years, 4 months, 5 days


Jonathan Hall (1805-1886) purchased this property from one of the
Schurmans. Jonathan was the son of Samuel Hall (1762-1861), who
emigrated from England. Jonathan married Jennie (Jane) Ramsay (1818-1887) in 1835. Jennie was a daughter of the shipbuilder, John Ramsay.
Jonathan and Jennie farmed, ran a machine shop and raised a family of
eight children. Jennie was a member of the Church of Scotland and is
buried in the Wilmot Valley Cemetery. Jonathan, a Methodist, is buried in
Crapaud. Their children were:
Thomas (1839-1919) married Catherine MacRae (1848-1898). Their children were Hugh, Mary Ellen, William, Harold, Susan and Sarah. Thomas
was the founder of Hall Manufacturing Co. of Summerside.
Ellen married George Baxter.
John married Anne H.
Major moved to U.S.A.
Sarah married Joseph Rogers of Bedeque.
Mary married Sandy MacRae.
Brewer married Lillian Howatt.
Susan married Fenwick Lefurgey.
Jonathan sold his property to Alexander and Janet Miller.

Bridge to the Past

Possible son?

The Islander – Nov 30, 1866

On Sunday, the 18th inst., of measles, Samuel, third son of Mr. Jonathan Hall, of Wilmot Creek, aged 20 years and 7 momths.




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1818 Lot 17, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death May 6, 1887 Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, John Sr.1789April 14, 1873
Mother McKay, Coy Coie1798April 22, 1867
         Ramsay, Jennie 1818 May 6, 1887
    Sister     Ramsay, Isabella September 10, 1819 January 16, 1912
    Sister     Ramsay, Catherine October 1823 January 20, 1902
    Sister     Ramsay, Mary May 2, 1825 July 12, 1911
    Brother     Ramsay, Hugh about 1828 April 15, 1900
    Brother     Ramsay, John Jr. February 5, 1828 November 1907
    Brother     Ramsay, Donald - Lot 17 1831 November 28, 1898
    Brother     Ramsay, George about 1837 1926
    Brother     Ramsay, Major October 24, 1844 March 3, 1883


Family of Hall, Jonathan and Ramsay, Jennie

Married Husband Hall, Jonathan ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage October 15, 1855 St. Eleanors, Lot 17, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada C of E records  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Thomas
Hall, Hugh1868
Hall, SamuelApril 15, 18461866
Hall, MarySeptember 11, 1851
Hall, Major J.October 1, 1852June 8, 1929
Hall, BrewerNovember 22, 18591934
Hall, SusanMay 20, 18631954


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I18415