Livingstone, David 1a

Birth Name Livingstone, David
Gender male
Age at Death less than 19 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1872 Clyde (Dog) River, Lot 31, Queens, Prince Edward Island from census record; not in PEI Bapatismal Index
Death before 1891 Clyde (Dog) River, Lot 31, Queens, Prince Edward Island not with family in 1891 census, not in father's will


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Livingstone Livingston, George Alexander
Mother Beer, Elizabeth
    Brother     Livingstone, Boyd
    Sister     Livingstone, Catherine
         Livingstone, David
    Brother     Livingstone, William Boyd
    Brother     Livingstone, James Albert
    Sister     Livingstone, Jane Robertson
    Sister     Livingstone, Eva Mae
    Brother     Livingstone, George Archibald


In the 1881 census record for Elizabeth and George there were three additional children named Livingston. Boyd and Catharine were born before their marriage, and do not appear in later records,

David, born in 1872, was possibly their son. In the book History and Stories of Clyde River, David's dates were 1872-1873, but David was with the family in the 1881 census - unless this was a mistake and he should have been William Boyd, also born about 1872, who was missing from that census but who appears in other records as a member of this family.

A son David was not named in George's will, or in Elizabeth's obituary. Eva Livingston Hyde's obituary only named William as a brother who predeceased her.


  1. Livingstone Livingston, George Alexander
    1. Beer, Elizabeth
      1. Livingstone, Boyd
      2. Livingstone, Catherine
      3. Livingstone, David
      4. Livingstone, William Boyd
      5. Livingstone, James Albert
      6. Livingstone, Jane Robertson
      7. Livingstone, Eva Mae
      8. Livingstone, George Archibald

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