Ashton, John

Birth Name Ashton, John
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years, 1 month, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1801 Devon, England  
Death February 18, 1870 Lot 10, Prince Edward Island at age 69, native of England


    Family of Ashton, John and Austin, Martha
Married Wife Austin, Martha
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage April 29, 1824 Parkham, Devon, England  
    Family of Ashton, John and
Married Wife

Possible that John's first wife was Annie Morrell?

  1. Ashton, Sarah
  2. Ashton, Susan Ann
  3. Ashton, John
    Family of Ashton, John and Morrell, Sarah Elizabeth
Married Wife Morrell, Sarah Elizabeth
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage September 22, 1868 Prince, Prince Edward Island  
  1. Ashton, Mary Jane



Some members of the Ashton family were said to have travelled to Prince Edward Island with Mary Ashton and her husband Humphrey Dyment in the early 1830s.

There were three other Ashtons living on in Prince County around that time: John Ashton, a Bible Christian from West Devon Lot 10; Susan Ashton, who married George Locke in 1842 in Lot 13; and Sarah Ashton who married a Baglole, in Hartland, Devon. There was a Dyment connection with George Locke: he was a witness at two Dyment weddings, and Humphrey Dyment Jr. named a son George Locke Dyment. George Locke was one of the original executors named on John Ashton's will, but he predeceased John, and "Mary Diamond" was asked to make a statement when there was a question about John's marriages and his will. This suggests some kind of connection among the Ashtons.

An article in the Guardian on the history of West Devon noted that the first five settlers were John Moreshead, John Ashton, James Grigg, Josiah Powe, and William Nicholl, all from Devon, England. At the time the article was written, in 1905, James Grigg was 80 and the only survivor of the early settlers. Grigg's sister was the widow of Josiah Powe (now Mrs. Tuplin); the article noted that the sons of two of the early settlers had inherited their father's farms, John Moreshead and John Ashton Jr.

There was only one John Ashton in Lot 10 in 1861; he was probably the member of the family over 60, and born in England. The young people in the household were a boy under 5 and 2 girls between 5-15. The older woman was between 45-60; two people were married, and 3 were single.

From the History of O'leary:
Large clover fields and orchards bloom.
The farmer's toil is well repaid;
To guide the plough his chosen trade.
His sprightly team well-groomed and fed;
His chosen seed with system spread.
To native thrift with practice skilled,
The grateful soil abundance yields.
And me, its merits marks are well bestowed,
For plenty crowns O'Leary Road.
The above poem, taken from an old scrap book, is believed to be
written by Luke Hughes from Lot 11 and was submitted to the Island
Farmer by John Ashton from West Devon, circa 1840.
Editor's Note: This poem strikes us as a very beautiful conception of
the changes which have taken place, not only on O'Leary Road, but
generally throughout our province.

John Ashton widower married Elizabeth Morrell in 1868 in a Bible Christian ceremony. On some records, her name was Sarah Morrell.

Groom's Name John Ashton
Groom's Residence Lot 10
Groom's Status Widow/Widower
Bride's Name Elizabeth Moral
Bride's Residence Lot 10
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss5: Marriage bonds, 1868

John's will named his wife, and four children: John, Sarah, Susan and Mary Jane. John and Mary Jane were under 21; Sarah was married to Joseph Morehouse and Susan to Nathan Morrell, He left a large estate. After his death his son in law Joseph brought forward evidence that John's marriage in 1868 was not legal, since at the time of this marriage, John had a wife still living in Devon. As well, Elizabeth had married again, to Samuel Culletin. Joseph wanted an account of the expenditures made by Elizabeth and Samuel.

John had indeed been married in 1824 to an older woman, Matilda Austin. They didn't get along - John told a friend that they coudn't keep the peace. John emigrated around 1829 and Matilda stayed in Devon, where she died in 1869. Perhaps John believed he was a widower when he married again.

Mary J Ashton, born PEI in 1869, married on 4 Sep 1899 in Boston, James S. Long from New Brunswick. She said she was the daughter of John Ashton and Annie Morritt (perhaps Morrell). James Long died in Boston 12 Apr 1900 at the age of 31. Mary Jane Long returned to the Island to live with Elizabeth Morrell Culletin.

It isn't clear who the mother of his older children was. They were born after John arrived on the Island, without his English wife. The 1861 census indicated that he was married. In his will, he asked to his son John to look after his mother. The legal wrangling after the will, however, would not indicate a close family relationship with John's widow Elizabeth. Elizabeth also claimed that her daughter Mary Jane, born in 1869 and after the death of John Sr.'s first wife was his only legitimate child.



    1. Ashton, John
      1. Austin, Martha
        1. Ashton, Sarah
        2. Ashton, Susan Ann
        3. Ashton, John
      2. Morrell, Sarah Elizabeth
        1. Ashton, Mary Jane