McArthur, Donald

Birth Name McArthur, Donald
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years, 9 months, 29 days


No proof that Donald belongs with Gilbert and Kitty! Donald was not in the PEI Baptismal Index. However, he named his second son Gilbert, and was born on the Island. Kitty Forbes' father was Donald Forbes, and you would expect this couple to name their first or second son Donald.

Donald was living in the same area of New Brunswick as Catherine (Forbes) McArthur, a widow.

The family would have been in NB from the 1840s onward, but the records for the 1852 NB census were not available for Kent county.

The information about Donald and Isabella's children was verified in census and other records.
In the 1861 census:
Donald Mc Arthur 48 - born PEI 1813
Isabella Mc Arthur 41 - born Scotland
Jane Mc Arthur 18 - all of their children born NB
William Mc Arthur 16
Gilbert Mc Arthur 15
Mary Mc Arthur 14
Lilly Mc Arthur 9
Isabella Mc Arthur 5
Donald Mc Arthur 1

It seem likely that this Donald is the widower Donald McArthur age 51, born PEI, in the 1871 census of Kent, New Brunswick. Also in the household were Gilbert (22), Mary (20), Isabella (12) and Donald (9).

By 1881, Donald was living with his second wife, Catherine. In the 1891 census, Donald said his father was born in Scotland and his mother on the Island.

d. Kingston (Kent Co.) 29th ult., Donald McARTHUR, age 78. (1891)

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 35 Number 413; Date April 15 1874 Place Saint John Newspaper The Daily Telegraph...m. At residence of bride's brother-in-law, John KNOX, Moncton (West. Co.) on eve 13th inst., by Rev. J.D. Murray, John BERRY, St. John / Lillias McARTHUR d/o Donald McARTHUR, Kingston (Kent Co.)




Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism 1823 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Baptismal Index  
Death October 30, 1891 New Brunswick, Canada Drouin collection, born PEI, aged 78  
Birth 1813 Prince Edward Island, Canada 1861 census, d. at age 78  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, Gilbert - Lot 13about 1788before 1861
Mother Forbes, Kitty Catherineabout 1784December 1870
         McArthur, Donald 1813 October 30, 1891
    Brother     McArthur, John November 14, 1815 1905
    Brother     McArthur, William about 1822 1822
    Brother     McArthur, Gilbert - Lot 5 about 1824 March 29, 1889
    Sister     McArthur, Jane 1826 October 19, 1903
    Sister     McArthur, Margaret June 19, 1830 before 1851
    Sister     McArthur, Isabella about 1834
    Sister     McArthur, Emily Amelia Penrose about 1835 1875


Family of McArthur, Donald and Glendenning, Isabella

Married Wife Glendenning, Isabella ( * 1820 + before 1871 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McArthur, Jane JardineMay 8, 1843
McArthur, William Henry1844
McArthur, Gilbert18461884
McArthur, Mary1847
McArthur, Lilly1851July 3, 1875
McArthur, Isabella1856
McArthur, Donald1860

Family of McArthur, Donald and McNeill, Catherine

Married Wife McNeill, Catherine ( * 1828 + 1896 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage October 6, 1873