Smith, William Henry Vanworth Wilford 1a

Birth Name Smith, William Henry Vanworth Wilford
Gender male
Age at Death 72 years, 5 months, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 21, 1875 Western Road, Lot 2, Prince Edward Island  
Death 1948 Tabusintac, New Brunswick  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Smith, John
Mother Beairsto, Elizabeth Harding
    Sister     Smith, Mary Ida
    Brother     Smith, Albert Ernest Seymour
         Smith, William Henry Vanworth Wilford
    Brother     Smith, Ebenezer John Millford Wilfred
    Brother     Smith, Walter Charles


    Family of Smith, William Henry Vanworth Wilford and Beairsto, Mary Ethel
Married Wife Beairsto, Mary Ethel
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage May 26, 1915 Montrose, Prince Edward Island  
  1. Smith, Wallace Seymour


Perhaps his name was William Henry Wilford, since Wilford, age 5, was living with his Beairsto grandparents in the 1881 census, after the early death of both of his parents. Or he was called Vanworth and the name was taken down incorrectly by the census taker (or the minister).

It would seem that he is the William Henry Smith who died in New Brunswick in May 1948. His son gave his grandparent's names as John Smith (Alma) and Mary Beairsto, and his father's date of birth as August 31 1875. His son Wallace Seymore said his mother's name was Mary Ethel Bearisto (?) and that he had been born in Tabinsintac, NB - which is where AES Smith said his brother William was living in 1915.

The confusion about his mother's name may have come about as a result of William being raised by his grandmother Mary.


  1. Smith, John
    1. Beairsto, Elizabeth Harding
      1. Smith, Mary Ida
      2. Smith, Albert Ernest Seymour
      3. Smith, William Henry Vanworth Wilford
        1. Beairsto, Mary Ethel
          1. Smith, Wallace Seymour
      4. Smith, Ebenezer John Millford Wilfred
      5. Smith, Walter Charles

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