Brace, Mary

Birth Name Brace, Mary
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1737    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brace, Thomas
Mother , Margery
         Brace, Mary
    Brother     Brace, Philip
    Sister     Brace, Hannah
    Sister     Brace, Sarah
    Brother     Brace, Thomas
    Brother     Brace, George
    Sister     Brace, Jane
    Brother     Brace, William
    Brother     Brace, Richard


    Family of Jordan and Brace, Mary
Married Husband Jordan
  1. Jordan, George
  2. Jordan, William
  3. Jordan, Elizabeth
  4. Jordan, Thomas
  5. Jordan, Ann
  6. Jordan, Jane
    Family of Hales, Richard and Brace, Mary
Married Husband Hales, Richard


Mary was the eldest; she married a Mr. Jordan [perhaps William Jordan?] and they had 10 children. Her husband and eight of her children died before I [George Brace,b.1809] was born. She then was married to Richard Hales, they might have both been 50 years old. Her only son, George was lost at seal fishery in 1820, supposed on the 2nd or 3rd of April. My youngest brother was born on the morning of the third. She had a daughter, Jane, who married a man called Woodbine, never had any children. [Jane m. Jacob Woodfine]

Can't find Mary's first or second marriage in the available Newfoundland records.


  1. Brace, Thomas
    1. , Margery
      1. Brace, Mary
        1. Jordan
          1. Jordan, William
          2. Jordan, Elizabeth
          3. Jordan, Thomas
          4. Jordan, Ann
          5. Jordan, Jane
          6. Jordan, George
        2. Hales, Richard
      2. Brace, Philip
      3. Brace, Hannah
      4. Brace, Sarah
      5. Brace, Thomas
      6. Brace, George
      7. Brace, Jane
      8. Brace, Richard
      9. Brace, William