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Birth Name Abbott, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death 79 years, 5 months, 6 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August 1825 Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada from census records and Church records
Death January 7, 1905 Prince, Prince Edward Island Gravestone in Tyne Valley Presbyterian, at 78


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Abbott, Thomas
Mother Crawford, Jane A.
    Brother     Abbott, John Crawford
    Sister     Abbott, Anna
    Sister     Abbott, Jane
    Sister     Abbott, Elizabeth
    Brother     Abbott, Thomas
         Abbott, Elizabeth
    Sister     Abbott, Bellinda
    Brother     Abbott, Hugh


    Family of McArthur, Alexander and Abbott, Elizabeth
Married Husband McArthur, Alexander
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage January 28, 1847 Newcastle, New Brunswick February 2 1847 County Northumberland Place Chatham Newspaper The Gleaner and Northumberland: m. Thursday, by Rev. John McCurdy, Alexander McCARTHUR / Miss Elizabeth ABBOTT both of Newcastle par. (North. Co.)
  1. McArthur, Alexander Clifford
  2. McArthur, Catherine
  3. McArthur, Jane Ann
  4. McArthur, Albert Edward
  5. McArthur, Elizabeth
  6. McArthur, Flora
  7. McArthur, Margaret
  8. McArthur, Laura Belle
    Family of McLellan, Neil and Abbott, Elizabeth
Married Husband McLellan, Neil
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage November 12, 1891 Prince Edward Island, Canada RG19, Series3, Subseries4: Marriage Licenses, 1891



Elizabeth Abbott was born in Douglastown, New Brunswick, of Irish parents. Thomas and Jane (Crawford) Abbott had children baptized in the Anglican church in Chatham - Thomas (b. 1823) and two daughters named Elizabeth. An older daughter Jane had been born in PEI in 1819. The second daughter named Elizabeth was born August 25 1825, and baptized October 1825. Elizabeth gave her date of birth as August 2 1827 in the 1901 census, which is a fairly good fit, given the possibility for errors in both sources.

Elizabeth married Alexander McArthur from PEI in Newcastle in 1847; a witness at the marriage was A. Woodside, probably her brother in law Andrew. The marriage was reported in the Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma February 2 1847: m. Thursday, by Rev. John McCurdy, Alexander McCARTHUR / Miss Elizabeth ABBOTT both of Newcastle par. (North. Co.) They were married in the Presbyterian Church.

There were no records for children of Alexander and Elizabeth in the Northumberland parish records, although their son Alexander gave his place of birth as Chatham, New Brunswick. Elizabeth's older sister and family had already emigrated to the United States, and her sister Jane and family followed her later in 1847. Alexander and Elizabeth may have returned to his home on Prince Edward Island not long after their son's birth.

In the 1861 census, there were 7 Presbyterians living in Lot 13 in the household of Alexander McArthur. Two were born in another British Province (Elizabeth Abbott and their son Alex) and 5 on the Island, which means they had returned to the Island by the time of the birth of their daughter Jane Ann in 1854. There had been one birth in the previous year, probably Flora.
One boy under 5 - Albert
One boy between 6-15 Alex
one male between 21-45 Alex Sr.
2 girls under 5 (Elizabeth, Flora)
1 girl 6-15 (Catherine?)
One female between 21-45 - Elizabeth

The family was living in Lot 10 in 1881, according to the census of that year. Household members were: Alex McArthur 62, Elisabeth McArthur 53, Albert McArthur 25, Margaret McArthur 18, Laura Bell McArthur 16. In this census, Elizabeth gave her background as Irish and her age as 53.

Alexander died in 1885.

In 1891, Elizabeth was living with her son Albert, age 63. She was not living with either son in the 1901 census. However - in the Victoria West graveyard, there is a stone for Elizabeth Abbott, who died January 1905 at age 78, wife of Neil McLellan. This fits with Elizabeth's stated year of birth.

In 1881, Neil was living with his first wife, Elizabeth, b. 1834 in PEI. In the 1891 census Neil, b. 1825 and living in Lot 13, was a widower. In 1901, he was living with wife Elizabeth, born 2 August 1827 in New Brunswick. The only thing that doesn't fit is her origin, which is given as Scotch. But that might have been a straight copy from her husband's entry, or perhaps a census taker who had known her as Elizabeth McArthur.

From the local history, Climbing the Hill, page 43, family of Norman McLellan: "After several years, Norman gave up his land claim to his brother Neil...Neil married (1) Elizabeth Campbell of Kildare (2) Elizabeth McArthur, widow of Alex McArthur of the Western Road."

"A gloom was cast over the quiet little village of Tyne Valley last Saturday morning when it was learned that Mrs. Neil McLellan had died very suddenly. She had suffered from heart disease for some years and on Saturday morning this trouble returned again with more than usual severity and she passed away from earth with its cares to enjoy that rest which remains to the people of god. Mrs. McLellan was born in Douglastown, NB in 1827 and was married to Alexander McArthur of PEI in 1867. Mr. McArthur died in 1885 leaving the widow and large family to mourn their loss. In 1892 Mrs. McArthur married Neil McLellan. Her near surviving relatives are a sister, Mrs. Woodside of Denver, Colorado and the following sons and daughters - Alexander McArthur of Northam; Albert McArthur of Enmore; Mrs. John H. Campbell of Freetown; Mrs. Donald McKenzie of Mount Pleasant; Mrs. M. D. McLeod of O'leary and Mrs. Ewen Campbell of Searletown. There are also 33 grand-children and sixteen great-grandchildren surviving the deceased." Guardian 1905

Elizabeth must have been in contact with her sister Jane over the years, to know that Jane had moved from New Brunswick, to New York State, to Iowa and finally Colorado.

A cousin has pointed out that the names on the two pictures of McArthur couples may have been switched, and that the younger couple should be Emily and Alexander. This looks reasonable to me, that the older McArthurs would be Elizabeth Abbott and Alex McArthur. It is possible that the pictures were taken around the same time.




  1. Abbott, Thomas
    1. Crawford, Jane A.
      1. Abbott, Hugh
      2. Abbott, John Crawford
      3. Abbott, Anna
      4. Abbott, Jane
      5. Abbott, Elizabeth
      6. Abbott, Thomas
      7. Abbott, Elizabeth
        1. McArthur, Alexander
          1. McArthur, Alexander Clifford
          2. McArthur, Catherine
          3. McArthur, Jane Ann
          4. McArthur, Albert Edward
          5. McArthur, Elizabeth
          6. McArthur, Flora
          7. McArthur, Margaret
          8. McArthur, Laura Belle
        2. McLellan, Neil
      8. Abbott, Bellinda

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