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Birth Name Birch, Denis
Gender male
Age at Death 83 years, 7 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1783 Cronebane, Avoca, Wicklow, Ireland youngest son of Edward (d. 1816) and Elizabeth Birch (d. 1801)
Death August 1866 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island or July 31 1866
Emigration about 1817    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Birch, Edward
Mother , Elizabeth
    Brother     Birch, Thomas
    Sister     Birch, Catherine
    Brother     Birch, Edward
    Brother     Birch, John
    Brother     Birch, William
         Birch, Denis
    Brother     Birch, Prusia


    Family of Birch, Denis and Waters, Susanah
Married Wife Waters, Susanah
  1. Birch, Edward
  2. Birch, William
  3. Birch, Elizabeth Eliza
  4. Birch, John
  5. Birch, Prushia
  6. Birch, Thomas


The history of the Birch family of Lot 13 is told in the comprehensive book, Leaves from the Birches of Avoca by Jeanette Birch, as well as in the local history, Climbing the Hill.

From a Century of Farewells, accessed on PEI Ancestry:
Denis Birch - Tailor, farmer; b. Cronebane, Parish of Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland, 1783, youngest child of Edward and Elizabeth Birch; d. Lot 13, P.E.I., 31 July 1866; m. Susannah Waters, d. Port Hill, Lot 13, 28 April, 1855, aged 88 years, a native of County Wicklow, Ireland.

They emigrated to Pictou, N.S. in 1817 from "Tigrony House," Parish of Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland and settled at Southwest Lot 16. They later moved to Birch Hill, Lot 13 where Dennis leased 100 acres from George Seymour in 1820. They had six children, all born in County Wicklow: Edward (d. 3 Nov. 1894), m. Mary Baglole (d. 26 May 1899), of Lot 16, resided Lot 16; William (d. 29 April 1896, aged 90 years), m. Mary Ramsay (d. 24 June 1879, aged 68 years), resided Lot 13; Elizabeth (1809-1883), m. James Lyle resided Indian River, Lot 18 and Central Lot 16; John, died either prior to emigration or during the passage to America; Prusia, m. Margaret Montgomery, resided Birch Hill, Lot 13; and Thomas (1814-1894), m. Agnes Ellis (1826-1909), eldest daughter of James Ellis, New Bideford, Lot 12, resided Lot 13.

Denis was a widower and was probably the man over 60 living with Prussia Birch in the 1861 census.

Died: At Lot 13 on the 31st ultima, after a short but severe illness, which he bore with Christian patience, Mr. Denis Birch, at the advanced age of 83 years. The deceased was a native of County Wicklow Ireland and emigrated to this Island in 1917. He lived a harmless and innofensive life and was respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. He leaves a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his loss." The Examiner August 27 1866 page 3

Children named in Denis' will were William, Thomas, Eliza and Prusia.

It is possible that Denis' name was Dionysius.

Century of Farewells, A Biographical Dictionary of Prince Edward Island Immigrants, 1800-1900 - 2 Vol Set By J. Clinton Morrison




  1. Birch, Edward
    1. , Elizabeth
      1. Birch, Thomas
      2. Birch, Catherine
      3. Birch, John
      4. Birch, William
      5. Birch, Prusia
      6. Birch, Edward
      7. Birch, Denis
        1. Waters, Susanah
          1. Birch, Edward
          2. Birch, William
          3. Birch, Elizabeth Eliza
          4. Birch, John
          5. Birch, Prushia
          6. Birch, Thomas

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