Breen, Harriet

Birth Name Breen, Harriet
Gender female
Age at Death 91 years, 9 months, 8 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 15, 1916 Massachusetts, United States  
Death July 23, 2008    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Breen, William Joseph
Mother Walsh, Mary Lavinia
    Brother     Breen, Edgar G.
         Breen, Harriet


    Family of Cronlund, Donald and Breen, Harriet
Married Husband Cronlund, Donald
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1943 Massachusetts, United States  


Mrs Harriet Cronlund in her mother's obit; of Colorado in her brother's death notice.


  1. Breen, William Joseph
    1. Walsh, Mary Lavinia
      1. Breen, Edgar G.
      2. Breen, Harriet
        1. Cronlund, Donald