Lee, William

Birth Name Lee, William
Gender male
Age at Death less than 43 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1838 Prince Edward Island, Canada oldest son? b. between 1837-1844
Death before 1881   Fanny was a widow with 2 children in the 1881 census


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lee, George
Mother McArthur, Flora - Lot 14
         Lee, William
    Sister     Lee, Eliza
    Sister     Lee, Annie
    Brother     Lee, Henry
    Sister     Lee, Eleanor Ellen
    Sister     Lee, Sophia
    Brother     Lee, Alexander Alec
    Brother     Lee, Newton John
    Sister     Lee, Amanda
    Sister     Lee, Minnie


    Family of Lee, William and Rutter, Fanny
Married Wife Rutter, Fanny
  1. Lee, Harry
  2. Lee, Annie


William Lee was named in George's will, but I'm not convinced that this was him. Perhaps the news report was wrong, and this was a grandson, William Lee?

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 28 Number 1911
Rank 101
Date April 1 1870
County York
Place Fredericton
Newspaper New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser
William LEE, a young Barrister, who had been living in this city for a year or so, was found dead in his bed at his aunt's residence Sewell St. (St. John) Deceased was 28 years of age son of late George LEE, Esq., Fredericton where up to his removal to St. John, deceased resided and where his remains will be taken for interment. - Globe (see original). The funeral took place this afternoon from residence of A.S. PHAIR, Esq.


  1. Lee, George
    1. McArthur, Flora - Lot 14
      1. Lee, William
        1. Rutter, Fanny
          1. Lee, Harry
          2. Lee, Annie
      2. Lee, Eliza
      3. Lee, Annie
      4. Lee, Henry
      5. Lee, Eleanor Ellen
      6. Lee, Sophia
      7. Lee, Alexander Alec
      8. Lee, Newton John
      9. Lee, Amanda
      10. Lee, Minnie