McLean, Hector 1

Birth Name McLean, Hector
Gender male
Age at Death about 91 years, 5 months, 6 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1792 Scotland Was 15 in 1808, and gravestone says died in his 91st year. Age 88 in the 1881 census
Death June 7, 1883 Prince Edward Island, Canada from his gravestone in Lot 16
Residence 1881 Lot 14, Prince, Prince Edward Island under McLane, Hector (88) and Agnes (86)


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McLean, Laughlin Lauchlan Lachlin
Mother McLean, Catherine
    Brother     McLean, Alexander
    Sister     McLean, Flora
    Brother     McLean, Hugh
    Sister     McLean, Nancy Ann
         McLean, Hector
    Brother     McLean, John A. Sr.
    Sister     McLean, Harriet Euphemia


    Family of McLean, Hector and Sinclair, Agnes Nancy
Married Wife Sinclair, Agnes Nancy
  1. McLean, Janet
  2. McLean, James
  3. McLean, John
  4. McLean, Alexander
  5. McLean, Rachel
  6. McLean, Donald
  7. McLean, Catherine
  8. McLean, Margaret
  9. McLean, Alexander



From the History of Lot 16, and their gravestone:

Hector (1793-1883) married Agnes Sinclair (1794-1893) of Malpeque; their daughter Rachael married Roderick MacLean, (see Allan MacLean History). This branch of the MacLean family lives on through the offspring of Rachael and Roderick. A second daughter, Jane, married John MacLaurin, and a son, Donald, married John's sister, Margaret (see MacLaren History).
Lot 16 United Church and its People

Hector and Agnes were in Lot 16 in 1881, with Willie age 24.

Hector's gravestone says he emigrated from Argyle, Scotland in 1808, and that he died June 7 1883 in his 91st year.

Hector's age was given as 15 on the passenger list for the Oban, that is, born 1792.

In Old Scottish Parish records, there was the baptism of Hector, born in Coll around 1790 to Lachlan McLean and Mary McKinnon. There were other Hectors born to a Lachlan, but the dates are off by 10 years.

Possible signature of Hector McLean on a petition, sometime between 1824-1831.





  1. McLean, Laughlin Lauchlan Lachlin
    1. McLean, Catherine
      1. McLean, Alexander
      2. McLean, Flora
      3. McLean, Hugh
      4. McLean, Nancy Ann
      5. McLean, Hector
        1. Sinclair, Agnes Nancy
          1. McLean, Alexander
          2. McLean, Rachel
          3. McLean, Donald
          4. McLean, Catherine
          5. McLean, Margaret
          6. McLean, Janet
          7. McLean, Alexander
          8. McLean, James
          9. McLean, John
      6. McLean, John A. Sr.
      7. McLean, Harriet Euphemia

Source References

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