McPhail, Archibald Alex.

Birth Name McPhail, Archibald Alex. 1a
Gender male
Age at Death 63 years, 4 months, 19 days


Name: Archibald A Mcphail
Event: Marriage; Event Date: 08 Jan 1908, Event Place: Boston, , Massachusetts
Age: 36, Birth Date: 1872, Birthplace: Boston, , Massachusetts
Marriage Registration Place: Boston, , Massachusetts
Father: James Mcphail, Mother: Mary A Brace
Spouse: Elizabeth A Mcmillan (age 24)
Spouse's Father: Donald Mcmillan, Spouse's Mother: Christina Mckay
Occupation on form - plumber, Elizabeth was a milliner.
Source Citation:"Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 May 2012), Archibald A Mcphail, 1908.

There is more than one Archibald Alexander McPhail born around this date - it is possible that the plumber and the sailor are two different people.

There is an Archibald A. McPhail b. 1872 in Boston in the California Voter list of the late 1890s. His occupation is plumber.
An Archibald A. McPhail, born 12 September 1872 in Boston, was a sailor, stationed in Rhode Island in their census of 1905. His parents had been born in "P.E. Island, N.S". He had been in the Spanish War. This is therefore probably the same Alexander McPhail in the US 1900 (single, at sea on the USFC Lancaster ) and 1910 (US Navy, on the USS Louisiana, US Navy, Military and Naval Forces and married).

From Wikipedia:

"In 1906 1907, Louisiana visited New Orleans, Havana, and Norfolk, Virginia; maneuvered out of Guantánamo Bay: and engaged in battle practice along the New England coast. On 16 December 1907, she departed Hampton Roads as one of the 16 battleships President Roosevelt sent on a voyage around the world. The cruise of the "Great White Fleet" deterred hostile actions toward the United States by other countries, primarily Japan; raised American prestige as a global naval power; and impressed upon Congress the importance of a strong Navy and a thriving merchant fleet. During the circumnavigation, Louisiana visited Port of Spain; Rio de Janeiro; Punta Arenas and Valparaíso, Chile; Callao, Peru; San Diego and San Francisco; Honolulu; Auckland; Sydney; Tokyo; Manila; Amoy, China; Hong Kong; Manila; Colombo; Suez Canal and Port Said; Smyrna; and Gibraltar before returning home on 22 February 1909. After overhaul and maneuvers, Louisiana joined the 2nd Division of the Atlantic Fleet on 1 November 1910 and sailed for European waters to visit English and French ports before returning to the United States in the spring of 1911. During the summer, she paid formal visits to the north European ports of Copenhagen; Tralhafuet (Trälhavet), Sweden; Kronstadt, Russia; and Kiel, Germany, and was inspected by King Frederick VIII of Denmark, King Oscar II of Sweden, Kaiser William II of Germany, and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia."

In 1930, Archibald A. McPhail, b. Massachusetts in 1872, is married to A. Elizabeth and living in Massachusettts. They have a daughter Elizabeth, age 21 b. Rhode Island. Archibald is running a rooming house. His age was 36, and his wife's 24, at first marriage. He had served in WWI.

Name: Archibald A Mcphail
Event: Cemetery, Death Date: 01 Feb 1935
Burial Place: Sydney, Nova Scotia
NARA Publication Title: Applications for Headstones for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1941 (for the Spanish American war)
NARA Publication Number: M1916
NARA Roll Number: 76
Film Number: 1878225
Digital Folder Number: 4832243
Image Number: 00535
Source Citation "United States, Applications for Headstones for Military Veterans, 1925-1941," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 July 2012), Archibald A Mcphail, 1935.

The information on this gravestone matches information about Archibald's navy career.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth September 12, 1871 Massachusetts, United States   1b
Death February 1, 1935 East Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada Archibald A. McPhail Massachusetts Chf. Master-at-arms U.S. Navy February 1, 1935 and his wife Elizabeth A. McMillan January 18, 1935 aged 52 years East Lake Ainslie - Cemetery Transcription - Nova Scotia 1c
Occupation 1908   sometimes said plumber; but also was with the US Navy as a master-at-arms; said boatswain on his death certificate  
Marriage January 8, 1908 Boston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McPhail, James
Mother Brace, Mary Hannah JaneMarch 18, 1844August 17, 1880
    Brother     McPhail, James A. 1870 1870
         McPhail, Archibald Alex. September 12, 1871 February 1, 1935


Family of McPhail, Archibald Alex. and McMillan, Elizabeth Ann

Married Wife McMillan, Elizabeth Ann ( * May 4, 1881 + January 18, 1935 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McPhail, Ardt ElizabethJune 13, 1908July 26, 2002

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        Birth date: 1871 Birth place: Death date: 1 Feb 1935 Death place: East Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada

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        Birth date: 1871 Birth place: Death date: 1 Feb 1935 Death place: East Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada

      • Source text:

        Birth date: 1871 Birth place: Death date: 1 Feb 1935 Death place: East Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada