Affleck, Roseanna

Birth Name Affleck, Roseanna
Gender female


    Family of Sobey, William and Affleck, Roseanna
Married Husband Sobey, William
  1. Sobey, Mabel
  2. Sobey, Gladys
  3. Sobey, Miriam
  4. Sobey, Harry
  5. Sobey, Horace
  6. Sobey, Sanford
  7. Sobey, Bessie
  8. Sobey, Eva
  9. Sobey, Hazel Mildred
  10. Sobey, Ruth Doris


Guardian 1936
There passed peacefully away to her eternal reward on March 5th, 1936 at her homo ln Scarle- town, P. E. 1., Rosanna Affleck, beloved wife of William Sobey, aged 78 years, after an lllncs: of several wcekl. Being a woman of pleasing per- sonality and lovable disposition. she endeared‘ herself to all hcr ac- qualntanccs. Besides a sorrowing husband. she leaves to mourn, three sons and 5 daughters.



    1. Affleck, Roseanna
      1. Sobey, William
        1. Sobey, Mabel
        2. Sobey, Eva
        3. Sobey, Bessie
        4. Sobey, Harry
        5. Sobey, Gladys
        6. Sobey, Horace
        7. Sobey, Hazel Mildred
        8. Sobey, Sanford
        9. Sobey, Miriam
        10. Sobey, Ruth Doris