Gillis, Alexander

Birth Name Gillis, Alexander
Gender male
Age at Death 48 years, 4 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1858 Lot 11, Prince Edward Island age 23 in the 1881 census
Death May 22, 1906 Inverness, Lot 11, Prince Edward Island History of Lot 11, at age 45


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gillis, Alexander
Mother Ellis, Mary Ann
    Brother     Gillis, David?
    Brother     Gillis, Donald?
    Brother     Gillis, Ramsay?
    Brother     Gillis, Neil?
    Brother     Gillis, Angus
    Sister     Gillis, Margaret Jane
    Brother     Gillis, Robert
         Gillis, Alexander
    Brother     Gillis, James
    Sister     Gillis, Rachel
    Brother     Gillis, Patrick
    Sister     Gillis, Christiana
    Brother     Gillis, Frederick
    Brother     Gillis, John Thomas
    Brother     Gillis, Pius


    Family of Gillis, Alexander and Livingstone, Barbara
Unknown Partner Livingstone, Barbara
  1. Gillis, Walter Randolph


Some family trees give him a twin brother James. According to the History of Port Hill, he was born June 2 1856.

Alexander was a single man in 1881, living with his parents in Lot 11. An Alexander Gillis, born 1 May 1858, was a widower in Lot 11 in the 1901 census, and the property was under the name Alex Gillis on maps of Lot 11 dated 1910 and 1928. This is probably the same Aleander Gillis who died at age 45 in Inverness, Lot 11.

But is he also the same Alexander Gillis in the household of Isabella McFadyen, widow of Angus, and her daughter Christy, also in 1881? The farm of Alexander Gillis Sr. in Lot 11 was next to that of John McFadyen, son of Isabella and Angus, so there could have been a connection between the two families. Walter Gillis, age 13, was the adopted son of Christiana McFadyen in 1891.

Alexander, a single man, was not in the 1891 census on the Island, nor was he in the 1890 Roman Catholic Census of Lot 11. Howver, could he be the Alex Gillis who married the widow Johanna Costello in 1886? The Alexander Gillis married to Johanna in the 1891 census matches this Alexander. Although there were several Alexander Gillis' in the PEI Baptismal Index, most of them were Presbyterian or too young or too old.

It is also possible that this was not him, and like others in his family, he left the Island.

Family tree on Ancestry says he married Barbara Ellen Livingston (1839-after 1888) and had one son Walter Randolph, born around 1879. These are the names that Walter gave on his marriage record. Not sure that if there was a relationship, that it was marriage.

The Livingston family tree on the Island Register has Barbara Ellen married to Alfred Horne. They were in Charlottetown in 1881, with son Arthur and an un-named infant. This Barbara was age 23. She was baptized in the Catholic church in September 1891.

There was a Walter Gillis with the Archie Livingston family in Massachusetts in 1900.


  1. Gillis, Alexander
    1. Ellis, Mary Ann
      1. Gillis, David?
      2. Gillis, Donald?
      3. Gillis, Ramsay?
      4. Gillis, Neil?
      5. Gillis, Angus
      6. Gillis, Margaret Jane
      7. Gillis, Robert
      8. Gillis, Alexander
        1. Livingstone, Barbara
          1. Gillis, Walter Randolph
      9. Gillis, James
      10. Gillis, Rachel
      11. Gillis, Patrick
      12. Gillis, Christiana
      13. Gillis, Frederick
      14. Gillis, John Thomas
      15. Gillis, Pius