Brown, Sarah Georgina Georgianna 1

Birth Name Brown, Sarah Georgina Georgianna
Gender female
Age at Death 62 years, 5 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 20, 1879 O'Leary, Prince Edward Island under Brown, PEI Baptismal Index, Alberton c of England
Death 1942 Illinois, United States in Rock Island, Ill.


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brown Burns, Thomas A.
Mother Ellis, Hannah Penrose
    Sister     Brown, Harriet Hattie Elizabeth
    Brother     Brown, George Charles
    Brother     Brown, James Ellis
    Sister     Brown, Josephine Euphemia
    Brother     Brown, William Henry
    Sister     Brown, Maude Marion Mary
    Brother     Brown, Thomas Birch
         Brown, Sarah Georgina Georgianna


    Family of Sippel, Alexander Hugo and Brown, Sarah Georgina Georgianna
Married Husband Sippel, Alexander Hugo
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage December 23, 1912 Illinois, United States in Winnetka, Illinois - or in Wisconsin?
  1. Sippel, Esther E.
  2. Sippel, Hugo



Child's Full Name Sarah Georgina Brown
Birth Date 20 July 1879
Place of Birth Residence, O'Leary
Baptismal Date 15 June 1899
Officiating Clergy J. M Forbes
Father's Name Thomas Brown
Church Name St. Peters Anglican
Church Location Alberton
Record Book Number 1
Record Book Page 99

Sarah G. Brown, born July 1879 and Marion M. Brown from Canada were living in Massachusetts in 1900, working as servants in a private home. Georgianna S. Brown was also listed with her married sister, Josephine Saunders, in the same cenus. In 1901, Georgina Brown, gave her date of birth as July 20 and place of birth as Prince Edward Island. She and her sister Maud were living with Josephine and her husband Harry in Cape Breton.

Georgie S. Brown was living with her aunt, Catherine Brown Wiley, in Wakefield, Massachusetts in 1910. She married her cousin Alexander Sippel around 1912.

Mrs Sarah G. Sippel, 64, 113 Forty-first and a half street, Rock Island died Wednesday at her home after an illness of 20 weeks duration. The former Miss Sarah Brown was born 20 July 1878 in Prince Edward Island, Canada where she received her education. She later moved to Boston and was married to A. H. Sippel in 1912 at Winnetka, Illinois. Her huband preceded her in death. Surviving are a son, Hugh, Rock Island; and three daughters, Mrs Rolla D. Pollock, Port Monmouth, Me; and Harriett and Mabel, both of Rock Island.

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  1. Brown Burns, Thomas A.
    1. Ellis, Hannah Penrose
      1. Brown, Harriet Hattie Elizabeth
      2. Brown, George Charles
      3. Brown, James Ellis
      4. Brown, Josephine Euphemia
      5. Brown, William Henry
      6. Brown, Thomas Birch
      7. Brown, Maude Marion Mary
      8. Brown, Sarah Georgina Georgianna
        1. Sippel, Alexander Hugo
          1. Sippel, Esther E.
          2. Sippel, Hugo

Source References

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