Barlow, Damaris Maud

Birth Name Barlow, Damaris Maud
Gender female
Age at Death 88 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1863 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death 1951 Massachusetts, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Barlow, William
Mother McAusland, Jane
    Sister     Barlow, Elizabeth Jane
    Brother     Barlow, Robert Bruce
    Brother     Barlow, John Archibald
         Barlow, Damaris Maud
    Sister     Barlow, Sarah
    Brother     Barlow, Samuel
    Sister     Barlow, Caroline Victoria
    Brother     Barlow, William H. James
    Brother     Barlow, Daniel McAuslin
Father Barlow, William
Stepmother Plastid, Jane


    Family of Nelson, Robert T. and Barlow, Damaris Maud
Married Husband Nelson, Robert T.
  1. Nelson, William Frederick
  2. Nelson, Nettie Florence


Children were Frederick (9) and Lettie (7) in the 1891 census.

Mrs. Damaris Nelson of Watertown, Mass in 1948.

In 1951, sympathy was extended to the family of W. H. Barlow and Carrie Nelson on the death of their sister, Mrs. Damaris Nelson, in Massachusetts. Charlottetown Guardian Friday August 3, 1951 page 14


  1. Barlow, William
    1. McAusland, Jane
      1. Barlow, Elizabeth Jane
      2. Barlow, Robert Bruce
      3. Barlow, Damaris Maud
        1. Nelson, Robert T.
          1. Nelson, William Frederick
          2. Nelson, Nettie Florence
      4. Barlow, John Archibald
      5. Barlow, Sarah
      6. Barlow, Samuel
      7. Barlow, Daniel McAuslin
      8. Barlow, Caroline Victoria
      9. Barlow, William H. James