Montgomery, Mary

Birth Name Montgomery, Mary
Gender female
Age at Death 82 years, 8 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth November 3, 1789 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death November 11, 1871 Bonaventure, Quebec  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Montgomery, Donald Dan
Mother Penman, Ann Nancy
    Brother     Montgomery, Archibald
         Montgomery, Mary
    Sister     Montgomery, Barbara
    Sister     Montgomery, Christy
    Sister     Montgomery, Helen Nelly
    Brother     Montgomery, Hugh
    Brother     Montgomery, George
    Brother     Montgomery, John
    Brother     Montgomery, James Townsend
    Sister     Montgomery, Ann
    Sister     Montgomery, Elizabeth
    Brother     Montgomery, Donald “Big Donald”
    Brother     Montgomery, Edward
    Sister     Montgomery, Jane
    Brother     Montgomery, William
    Brother     Montgomery, Robert Hudson
    Sister     Montgomery, Margaret


    Family of Pidgeon, Edward and Montgomery, Mary
Married Husband Pidgeon, Edward
  1. Pidgeon, Edward
  2. Pidgeon, George
  3. Pidgeon, David
  4. Pidgeon, Daniel
  5. Pidgeon, James
  6. Pidgeon, Hugh
  7. Pidgeon, Mary
  8. Pidgeon, Archibald Montgomery
  9. Pidgeon, John
  10. Pidgeon, Christiana Christian


Lucy Maud Montgomery said in her selected journals that Mary's marriage to the minister, Edward Pidgeon was an unhappy one, because of her husband's "scandalous goings on" with another woman. Mary, she said, left her husband and went to live in New Brunswick with her brothers. Selected Journal vol 4 page 132

Mary and Edward were married by 1819. He had been the minister in the St. Peters/Bay Fortune area since 1811, but had to leave the congregation in 1820. Their children were born between (aprox) 1819-1841, so if Mary left her husband it wasn't after whatever happened in 1820. Mary was in Quebec from about 1849 onwards, after the death of her husband.

Edward was not in the 1841 census of PEI, and I couldn't find the Pidgeons in Quebec or NB in the 1851 census.

"The Rev. Edward Pidgeon, the other minister, formerly connected with the Independent churches, was originally sent out by the London Missionary Society to the Bay of Chaleur. Mr. Pidgeon remained pastor of this widely-scattered flock when, in consequence of differences between him and his people, the pastoral tie was dissolved. He afterwards resigned his ministerial office, but continued to exemplify the character of a consistent Christian until his death..." History of the Presbyterian Church in the Dominion of Canada from the earliest times to 1834 ; with a chronological table of events to the present time and a map / by William Gregg. 1855

"A little later Mr Pidgeon of the London Missionary Society travelled extensively about the Bay of Chaleurs...Edward's wife Mary was the eldest sister of Christiana Montgomery Cuthbert, and his grandsons grew up on the farm at New Richmond [Quebec]."..Gaspe of Yesterday

Edward Pidgeon Sr. died in 1843, on Prince Edward Island.

Mary Pidgeon, born 1792 on Prince Edward Island, a widow, was living in Bonaventure, Canada East in 1861. Another source says she was invited to join her sister Christy Cuthbert in Quebec, and to bring her family. They arrived on 4 May 1849.

Mary Pidgeon aged 82 from PEI, widow of Edmond Pidgeon, a clergyman, died in Bonaventure on the 11th day of November 1871. Sons were Donald/Daniel (1816-1889), Hugh (d. age 67 in 1888), James and ?


  1. Montgomery, Donald Dan
    1. Penman, Ann Nancy
      1. Montgomery, Jane
      2. Montgomery, Margaret
      3. Montgomery, Archibald
      4. Montgomery, Mary
        1. Pidgeon, Edward
          1. Pidgeon, Daniel
          2. Pidgeon, James
          3. Pidgeon, Mary
          4. Pidgeon, Hugh
          5. Pidgeon, Archibald Montgomery
          6. Pidgeon, John
          7. Pidgeon, Christiana Christian
          8. Pidgeon, Edward
          9. Pidgeon, George
          10. Pidgeon, David
      5. Montgomery, Barbara
      6. Montgomery, Christy
      7. Montgomery, Helen Nelly
      8. Montgomery, Hugh
      9. Montgomery, George
      10. Montgomery, John
      11. Montgomery, James Townsend
      12. Montgomery, Ann
      13. Montgomery, Elizabeth
      14. Montgomery, Donald “Big Donald”
      15. Montgomery, Edward
      16. Montgomery, William
      17. Montgomery, Robert Hudson