Fiddler, Edward

Birth Name Fiddler, Edward
Gender male
Age at Death 63 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1826 England, United Kingdom  
Death 1889 New Brunswick, Canada Sunbury Co. , Church of England


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Fiddler Fidler, John
Mother Offer, Hannah
    Sister     Fiddler, Elizabeth
    Brother     Fiddler, William
         Fiddler, Edward
    Brother     Fiddler, James
    Sister     Fiddler, Maria
    Sister     Fiddler, Sarah
    Sister     Fiddler, Margery
    Sister     Fiddler, Hannah
    Sister     Fiddler, Elizabeth
    Sister     Fiddler, Mary Jane
    Brother     Fiddler Fidler, George


    Family of Fiddler, Edward and Porter, Frances Annie
Married Wife Porter, Frances Annie
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1872 Fredericton, New Brunswick  
  1. Fiddler, Annie Maud
  2. Fiddler, William Andrew


Died in Salmon Creek, Sunbury Co. No parents' names on his death record. No proof, other than circumstantial, that he belongs with this family.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 32 Number 1966

Date November 11 1872
County York
Place Fredericton
Newspaper Colonial Farmer

m. Fredericton, 30th ult., by Rev. T.H. Porter, Edward FIDDLER, Chipman (Queens Co.) / Miss Frances Annie PORTER, same place.

find a grave - on Jan. 18, 1889, at age 62


  1. Fiddler Fidler, John
    1. Offer, Hannah
      1. Fiddler, Elizabeth
      2. Fiddler, William
      3. Fiddler, Edward
        1. Porter, Frances Annie
          1. Fiddler, Annie Maud
          2. Fiddler, William Andrew
      4. Fiddler Fidler, George
      5. Fiddler, James
      6. Fiddler, Maria
      7. Fiddler, Sarah
      8. Fiddler, Margery
      9. Fiddler, Hannah
      10. Fiddler, Elizabeth
      11. Fiddler, Mary Jane