Cameron, Cora Alberta

Birth Name Cameron, Cora Alberta
Gender female
Age at Death 91 years, 10 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth December 22, 1898 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death 1990 Prince Edward Island, Canada date from gravestone


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cameron, John Artemis
Mother Ellis, Margaret Bell Maggie
    Sister     Cameron, Jessie
         Cameron, Cora Alberta
    Sister     Cameron, Edith May R. N.
    Sister     Cameron, Margaret Iva
    Sister     Cameron, Emily Blanche
    Sister     Cameron, Dorothy Louise
    Sister     Cameron, Olive Ellis


    Family of McKendrick, Hugh Lorne and Cameron, Cora Alberta
Married Husband McKendrick, Hugh Lorne
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage July 9, 1924 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
  1. McKendrick, Hugh Douglas
  2. McKendrick, Ronald
  3. McKendrick, Duncan Roland


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I7435


  1. Cameron, John Artemis
    1. Ellis, Margaret Bell Maggie
      1. Cameron, Jessie
      2. Cameron, Cora Alberta
        1. McKendrick, Hugh Lorne
          1. McKendrick, Ronald
          2. McKendrick, Hugh Douglas
          3. McKendrick, Duncan Roland
      3. Cameron, Edith May R. N.
      4. Cameron, Margaret Iva
      5. Cameron, Emily Blanche
      6. Cameron, Dorothy Louise
      7. Cameron, Olive Ellis