Ramsay, Hugh - Lot 16

Birth Name Ramsay, Hugh - Lot 16
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years, 2 months, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 7, 1827 Lot 16, Prince Edward Island Oct 7 1827 on the 1901 census
Death December 24, 1905 Coleman, Prince Edward Island son of John of Lot 16


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, John - Lot 16
Mother Owen, Martha
    Sister     Ramsay, Sophia
    Sister     Ramsay, Margaret
    Brother     Ramsay, Arthur
    Sister     Ramsay, Helen Ellen
    Sister     Ramsay, Elizabeth Eliza Lee
    Sister     Ramsay, Anne
    Brother     Ramsay, Archibald
    Sister     Ramsay, Martha
         Ramsay, Hugh - Lot 16
    Brother     Ramsay, John
    Sister     Ramsay, Flora Campbell


Hugh and his brother John sold their farm on the Island and went to the western United States. They returned to PEI, and for the four years before Hugh's death lived together in Coleman.






  1. Ramsay, John - Lot 16
    1. Owen, Martha
      1. Ramsay, Sophia
      2. Ramsay, Margaret
      3. Ramsay, Anne
      4. Ramsay, Arthur
      5. Ramsay, Helen Ellen
      6. Ramsay, Elizabeth Eliza Lee
      7. Ramsay, Archibald
      8. Ramsay, Martha
      9. Ramsay, Hugh - Lot 16
      10. Ramsay, John
      11. Ramsay, Flora Campbell