Anderson, Janet

Birth Name Anderson, Janet
Gender female
Age at Death 93 years, 1 month, 27 days



Neil Riley (1830-1888), married Grace MacEachern (1830-1917), they
resided on the homestead on the Old Town Road and their family 'were-
Daniel (1860-1948), married Edith Thompson, Darnley (-1930).
Jessie(1872-), married George Huntley, Maine.
Flora (1869-) married Butterfield, Rockport, Maine.
George (1862-1933), married Eliza Jane Cousins (1869-1902).
John (1870-1937) married Dora Anderson (), Darnley.
William (1865-1919), married Janetta Anderson (1876-1973),'Darnley.
Lemuel (1863-1881).
Mary Jane (1867-)

William Riley (1865-1919) married Janette Anderson (1876-1970) they
resided in High River for a number of years returning to P.E.I, in 1918 and
operated a mixed farming operation on the Old Town Road. Their family
were: Bruce, Edith, and Margaret.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth November 5, 1876 Lot 18, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death 1970      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Anderson, Davidabout 1841March 17, 1885
Mother Simpson, Margaret1847March 22, 1920
    Brother     Anderson, Hugh John October 27, 1874
    Brother     Anderson, Henry S. 1876
         Anderson, Janet November 5, 1876 1970
    Brother     Anderson, Robert June 11, 1880
    Brother     Anderson, Garfield August 31, 1881 March 1967
    Brother     Anderson, George F. July 30, 1883 1921
    Sister     Anderson, Dora February 15, 1885