McLellan, George

Birth Name McLellan, George
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1940 Clinton, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada  


    Family of McLellan, George and Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth
Married Wife Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage November 1881 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island James Simmonds and James Vincent were witnesses
  1. McLellan, Mae
  2. McLellan, Rose Ella
  3. McLellan, William Edward
  4. McLellan, George Leister (Dodd)
  5. McLellan, Janie Florence
  6. McLellan, Laura Bell
  7. McLellan, Beatrice


History of Margate - George MacLellan
East of the junction of the Woodside Road and Route 6 anl
west of the stream that runs to Frizzell's Creek lived George MacLellan. He married Sarah Simmons and they lived in Clinton probably about 1880 and till the early 1900's. He died in 193!.
They had five daughters and one son, namely: Rose, George
(Dodd), Florence, Laura, May, and Beatrice.
Rose 1884-1971, married John Somers and lived for a short
time about where Rev. Alex MacDowell built a summer cottag<;,
west of the Will Somers home. John died about 1911 and she married John Edward
Jack. He died in 1926, and she then married Allan Cummings.

Dodd, 1886-1960, served in the First World War. He married
Jean McTavish and they lived in Saskatchewan.
Florence and Laura — see Samuel Dunning property.
May, 1897-1949, married William Hickox Sr., Fredericton and
Beatrice, 1903-1970, married Arthur Gormley, Charlottetown,


    1. McLellan, George
      1. Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth
        1. McLellan, Rose Ella
        2. McLellan, William Edward
        3. McLellan, George Leister (Dodd)
        4. McLellan, Janie Florence
        5. McLellan, Laura Bell
        6. McLellan, Mae
        7. McLellan, Beatrice