Burchill, Robert

Birth Name Burchill, Robert
Gender male
Age at Death 42 years, 9 months, 15 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August 22, 1848 New York, USA 1860 US census, in Iowa; born Buffalo, NY in two sources
Death June 6, 1891 Colorado, United States Greeley newspaper
Education 1861 Davenport, Scott, Iowa at Griswold College with his brother George


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Burchill, Joseph
Mother Abbott, Anna
    Sister     Burchill, Jane
    Brother     Burchill, John
    Brother     Burchill, George S.
    Brother     Burchill, Joseph
    Sister     Burchill, Catherine Ann
    Brother     Burchill, Andrew
         Burchill, Robert
    Sister     Burchill, Lucretia Shelton
    Sister     Burchill, Sarah Jane


    Family of Burchill, Robert and Young, Martha Gertrude
Married Wife Young, Martha Gertrude
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage September 12, 1883 Davenport, Scott, Iowa Iowa Marriages
  1. Burchill, John Joseph



Obituary from the Greeley Tribune (Greeley, Weld County)
Wednesday, July 08, 1891
page 1
from Colorado Historical Newspapers website


  1. Burchill, Joseph
    1. Abbott, Anna
      1. Burchill, Andrew
      2. Burchill, Jane
      3. Burchill, John
      4. Burchill, George S.
      5. Burchill, Joseph
      6. Burchill, Catherine Ann
      7. Burchill, Robert
        1. Young, Martha Gertrude
          1. Burchill, John Joseph
      8. Burchill, Lucretia Shelton
      9. Burchill, Sarah Jane