McDougall, Marion Marianne 1

Birth Name McDougall, Marion Marianne
Gender female
Age at Death 87 years, 9 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth April 3, 1822 Malpeque, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island 1901 census, gravestone; Margate church record says 4 April; at age 89
Death January 6, 1910 Prince Edward Island, Canada at age 89


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall, Duncan
Mother Stewart, Barbara
    Brother     McDougall, John
         McDougall, Marion Marianne
    Sister     McDougall, Nancy
    Brother     McDougall, Dougald
    Brother     McDougall, Peter Warren
    Sister     McDougall, Margaret
    Sister     McDougall, Mary
    Sister     McDougall, Elizabeth C.
    Sibling     McDougall, Copeland Catherine
    Sister     McDougall, Barbara
    Sister     McDougall, Jane Ann
    Brother     McDougall, Alexander
    Sister     McDougall, Sarah Stuart
    Sister     McDougall, Tamar
    Sister     McDougall, Ellen M.
    Brother     McDougall, Archibald


    Family of McKendrick, William and McDougall, Marion Marianne
Married Husband McKendrick, William
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage May 11, 1843 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Marriage Registers; McDougall family tree
  1. McKendrick, Flora
  2. McKendrick, Allan
  3. McKendrick, Barbara
  4. McKendrick, Catherine
  5. McKendrick, Margaret
  6. McKendrick, James
  7. McKendrick, Mary
  8. McKendrick, Tamar
  9. McKendrick, Janie Jessie



On the church record for their marriage, Marianne and William were both from Malpeque.

Name: Marion Mckendrick
Marital Status: Widowed
Age: 70
Birth Year: abt 1821
Birthplace: Prince Edward Island
Relation to Head of House: Mother
Religion: Free Church
Father's Birth Place: Scotland
Mother's Birth Place: Scotland
Province: Prince Edward Island
District Number: 134
District: Prince
Subdistrict: Lot 4
James Mckendrick 36
Clara Mckendrick 28
William Mckendrick 8
Everet Mckendrick 6
Janel Mckendrick 4
Marion Mckendrick 70

Source Citation: Year: 1891; Census Place: Lot 4, Prince, Prince Edward Island; Roll: T-6382; Family No: 38.

From Past and Present of PEI: Children were Allan, Barbara, Catherine, Flora, Margaret, Mary, James, Tamar, Jessie.

Name Marion McKendrick
Age 89
Residence Campbellton
Date of Death 5 January 1910
Entry Number 4428
Source RG19/s2/ss6: Death registration books, 1906-1913, p. 91


  1. McDougall, Duncan
    1. Stewart, Barbara
      1. McDougall, John
      2. McDougall, Marion Marianne
        1. McKendrick, William
          1. McKendrick, Allan
          2. McKendrick, Barbara
          3. McKendrick, Catherine
          4. McKendrick, Flora
          5. McKendrick, Margaret
          6. McKendrick, James
          7. McKendrick, Mary
          8. McKendrick, Tamar
          9. McKendrick, Janie Jessie
      3. McDougall, Nancy
      4. McDougall, Dougald
      5. McDougall, Peter Warren
      6. McDougall, Margaret
      7. McDougall, Mary
      8. McDougall, Elizabeth C.
      9. McDougall, Copeland Catherine
      10. McDougall, Barbara
      11. McDougall, Alexander
      12. McDougall, Jane Ann
      13. McDougall, Sarah Stuart
      14. McDougall, Tamar
      15. McDougall, Ellen M.
      16. McDougall, Archibald

Source References

  1. Division of Vital Statistics. Public Archives, Charlottetown.: Prince Edward Island Marriage Registers, 1832-1888