Boulter, Phoebe Alice

Birth Name Boulter, Phoebe Alice
Gender female
Age at Death 88 years, 6 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June 12, 1889   adopted daughter, baptized 1893
Death 1978    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boulter, James
Mother McArthur, Ellen Helen Eleanor Ann
    Brother     Boulter, Henry
    Brother     Boulter, James Bertram
    Brother     Boulter, Albert Watson
    Brother     Boulter, Amos Hubbard
    Brother     Boulter, Nelson Hugh
    Brother     Boulter, Edmund Edward Eddie
    Brother     Boulter, Curtis Lord
    Sister     Boulter, Annie Josephine
    Brother     Boulter, Artemis Bell
         Boulter, Phoebe Alice


    Family of Law, Joseph and Boulter, Phoebe Alice
Married Husband Law, Joseph
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage August 28, 1920 Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States Mass Marriage Index


Phoebe Alice Boulter, born 12 June 1889 in Milburn was baptized on 28 May 1893, adopted daughter of James Boulter. She was not in the Canadian 1891 or the US 1900 census with Ellen and James, and was not named as a surviving daughter in Ellen's obituary.

A Boulter family tree on the Island Register said she married Joseph Law, and there was this social note in the Guardian newspaper in 1935: "Mrs. Charles Loring and aunt, Mrs. Joseph Law who have been visiting Mrs. Loring's mother, Mrs. Amos Boulter of Bedeque have returned to their home in Waltham, Mass .

Alice Law was living in Massachusetts in 1930 with her husband Joseph and two step-sons.

She is likely the Alice Law born on this date who died in New Jersey in 1979.




  1. Boulter, James
    1. McArthur, Ellen Helen Eleanor Ann
      1. Boulter, Henry
      2. Boulter, James Bertram
      3. Boulter, Albert Watson
      4. Boulter, Amos Hubbard
      5. Boulter, Nelson Hugh
      6. Boulter, Edmund Edward Eddie
      7. Boulter, Curtis Lord
      8. Boulter, Annie Josephine
      9. Boulter, Artemis Bell
      10. Boulter, Phoebe Alice
        1. Law, Joseph