McArthur, Sarah Ann

Birth Name McArthur, Sarah Ann
Gender female
Age at Death 87 years, 2 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 6, 1848 Prince Edward Island, Canada age 62 in 1911 census, 1848 on web genealogy, October 6 1849 in
Death December 27, 1935 Milburn, Lot 8, Prince Edward Island grave says Sarah Ann; obit says at age 88
Marriage October 1874    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, Hugh M.
Mother Dyment Diamond, Susanna Ashton
    Sister     McArthur, Mary
    Sister     McArthur, Ellen Helen Eleanor Ann
    Brother     McArthur, John
         McArthur, Sarah Ann
    Brother     McArthur, Duncan
    Sister     McArthur, Louisa
    Brother     McArthur, Edmund Wallis
    Brother     McArthur, William James
    Brother     McArthur, Robert Henry
    Brother     McArthur, Abraham Spurgeon
    Brother     McArthur, George Gordon
    Brother     McArthur, Nathaniel Theodore


    Family of Boulter, John Edwin and McArthur, Sarah Ann
Married Husband Boulter, John Edwin
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage October 28, 1874 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island  
  1. Boulter, Margaret Maggie Ellen
  2. Boulter, Mark Wilfred
  3. Boulter, Ella M.
  4. Boulter, John Webster Wadman
  5. Boulter, Heber
  6. Boulter, Edmund Martin Edwin
  7. Boulter, Richard Watson
  8. Boulter, George Nelson
  9. Boulter, Watson



Sarah Ann MacArthur was born on 6 Oct 1848 in O'Leary, PEI, and died on 30 Dec 1935 in Milburn, PEI. She married John Edwin Boulter (son of William Henry Harris Boulter and Ada MacWilliams), born 15 Jun 1850 in O'Leary, PEI, on 28 Oct 1874 in Milburn West, PEI. The marriage was recorded, of the groom from Pierre Jacques in Lot 8, to the bride, from Lot 7, in the Alberton Methodist church. John McArthur and the minister's wife were the two witnesses.

John Edwin died in 1933 in Milburn West, PEI.

Eight of their children were in the PEI Baptismal Index: Edwin (1886), George (1891), Heber (1883), John Webster Wadman (1881), Margaret Ellen (1875), Mark Wilfred (1877), Richard Watson (1889) and Watson (1893); in the 1928 Cummings Atlas, the children listed were Webster, Wilfred, Heber, Ella, Edmund, and Watson. Ella was also named in Sarah Ann's obituary.

In 1881, the family consisted of Maggie (6), Wilfred (4) and Ella (2).
The 1891 census was taken on April 20, 1891 and the child named Robert was b. in February of that year. Robert could be George Nelson? 1891 census: Wilfred (13), Ella (12), Webster (10), Heber (8), Edwin (4), Robert (1). They were living in Lot 8, in a 1 1/2 story house with 2 rooms. John was a farmer and blacksmith. By 1901, Heber, Edmond, George, and Watson were at home. 1911 census: John, Sarah Ann and Watson.

Most of their children stayed on PE. Some went to Rangeley, ME.
i  Margaret Boulter b. W.Point, PE., d. in teens. Margaret, who would have been 16 in 1891, was not with her family by 1891.
ii Edward Boulter b. W.Point, PE. Ned is probably the same son as Edwin?
iii Mark Wilfred Boulter b. 11 Sep 1877.
iv Ella Boulter b. 1879, W.Point, PE., m. Fred Hamm. Ella was not in baptismal index or in the church records where the other children were baptized, but she was named in her mother's obituary.
v  Webster W. Boulter b. 13 Jun 1881.
vi Edwin M. Boulter b. 26 Sep 1886.
vii Heber Boulter b. 1889, W.Point, PE., Bapt/Occup: never married.
viii   George Nelson Boulter b. 4 Apr 1890, W.Point, PE., d. 4 Aug 1973, Buried: United Cemetery, Glenwood, Prince, PE.
ix Watson Boulter b. 1891, W.Point, PE., d. 1891. Could be the Richard or Robert in the 1891 census?
x  Watson Boulter b. 1893.

Charlottetown Guardian Friday January 3, 1936 MRS JOHN BOULTER. There passed suddenly away at Miiburn, Lot 8, early Friday morning, December 21th, Mrs. John Boulter at the age of 88 years. She had been in her usual good health and her sudden death came as a shock to her family. She leaves tn mourn one daughter, Mrs. Fred Hamm in the United States and 6 sons, Wilfred and Heber in the US, Webster, George, Edwin and Watson in Milburn, Lot 8.

See also the obit transcribed on PEI Ancestry, Pioneer - 18 January 1936, page 7, col. 5

Name Mrs. John Boulter
Age 85
Residence Milburn, Lot 8
Date of Death 27 December 1935
Entry Number 51
Source RG19/s2/ss6: Death registration books, 1935

Information on McArthur families came mainly from Hugh McArthur family tree on the Island Register by Donna Phillips; the Dyment genealogy of Roger Dyment and Connie Ladner; George Hawkin's work on the descendants of Hugh and Susannah, and Robert Boulter's Boulter family tree. Some information has been checked against census, birth and marriage records where available.


  1. McArthur, Hugh M.
    1. Dyment Diamond, Susanna Ashton
      1. McArthur, Mary
      2. McArthur, Ellen Helen Eleanor Ann
      3. McArthur, John
      4. McArthur, Sarah Ann
        1. Boulter, John Edwin
          1. Boulter, Margaret Maggie Ellen
          2. Boulter, Mark Wilfred
          3. Boulter, Ella M.
          4. Boulter, John Webster Wadman
          5. Boulter, Heber
          6. Boulter, Edmund Martin Edwin
          7. Boulter, Richard Watson
          8. Boulter, George Nelson
          9. Boulter, Watson
      5. McArthur, Duncan
      6. McArthur, Louisa
      7. McArthur, Edmund Wallis
      8. McArthur, William James
      9. McArthur, Robert Henry
      10. McArthur, Abraham Spurgeon
      11. McArthur, George Gordon
      12. McArthur, Nathaniel Theodore