Mann, Hannah Braidwood 1a 2 3a 4 5a

Birth Name Mann, Hannah Braidwood 5
Gender female
Age at Death about 72 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1816 Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada from census records
Death 1888 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island not in 1891 census; tombstone in Sherwood cemetery says 1816-1888
Residence 1881 Queens, Prince Edward Island  
Marriage March 17, 1842    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Mann, William Sr.
Mother Efford, Sarah Knight
         Mann, Hannah Braidwood
    Brother     Mann, William Jr.
    Sister     Mann, Elizabeth Hutchings
    Sister     Mann, Mary
    Sister     Mann, Amelia
    Sister     Mann, Matilda
    Brother     Mann, James
    Brother     Mann, John
    Sister     Mann, Sarah


    Family of Brace, George and Mann, Hannah Braidwood
Married Husband Brace, George
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage March 17, 1842 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Trinity Methodist, Charlottetown; PEI Marriage Registrations
  1. Brace, Mary Hannah Jane
  2. Brace, William Edward
  3. Brace, James Henry
  4. Brace, Richard Knight
  5. Brace, Sarah Evangeline
  6. Brace, John Albert
  7. Brace, Walter Palmer



The history of Irishtown/Burlington noted that Evangeline, a daughter of William and Sarah Mann, married a Mr. Brace of Summerside. This was actually their eldest child, Hannah Breadwood Mann, named after her father's mother, Hannah Braidwood. Hannah had left the area as a young woman, possibly to find work in Charlottetown, and the authors of the local history may have mixed up her name with that of her daughter, Sarah Evangeline; it is also possible that people interviewed for the local history remembered Hannah's son, John Albert Brace, a well-known Summerside businessman and his wife Eva. The name Evangeline appears elsewhere in the Mann descendants - it was either a popular name, or had some other significance ( for instance, Sarah Evangeline Brace, Hannah Evangeline Paynter, Catherine Eva Brace and Minnie Eva Brace).

Hannah reported that she was born in Newfoundland in 1816 on census forms and other official documents. In his response to the 1900 New York census, her son James Henry gave the intriguing response that his mother had been born at sea. This may indeed have been true: if her parents were married in Newfoundland in 1816, and William Mann's name is on a deed dated 1817, then the family could have been traveling to the Island at the time of Hannah's birth.

Her husband, George Brace, was born March 27 1809 in Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland, the son of Richard Brace and Mary Ashe, which made him Hannah's second cousin on her mother's side of the family. George came to PEI from Newfoundland in 1832, and in 1839, both Hannah Mann and George Brace were listed as members of Trinity Methodist Church in Charlottetown. They were married in that church by license on March 17, 1842. Hannah signed the form with an X, for her mark.

George and Hannah had at least 6 children: Mary Hannah Jane (1844), William Edward (1847), James Henry (1848), Richard Knight (1850), Sarah Evangeline (1852), John Albert, (1855) and Walter Palmer (1860). By 1861, there were 11 people in the household: Hannah and George and two boys under the age of 5, 3 boys and one girl between 5-16, and one girl and one boy under 21. There was one additional woman between the ages of 21-45 - possibly a sister, a servant, or a lodger. The occupants' ages fit with those of George and Hannah's children: all professed to be Methodists. George stated that two family members were citizens of other British Provinces and the rest were natives of the Island. George gave his occupation as shoemaker. His business was listed in the 1864 Hutchinson's PEI Directory as being at the corner of Sydney and Pownell. (name is usually transcribed as Brasa or Brase for this census)

In the 1881 Canadian census, George and Hannah were still living in Charlottetown with their youngest son Walter and several lodgers. Their two daughters had predeceased them, Sarah Evangeline in 1875 and Mary Hannah in 1880. The two oldest sons, William Edward and James Henry had moved to the United States. Richard and John stayed on the Island and established businesses in Charlottetown and Summerside. Hannah was mentioned on passenger lists from Charlottetown to Boston with grandchildren in 1884 and 1885. She was named in George's will (1887).

George was listed in the 1887/88 Charlottetown directory as living at 54 Sydney, the same address as his son Richard K. Brace.

George Brace died in Charlottetown in 1887. His will stated: "shoemaker of Charlottetown now past 99 years of age. Wife Hannah gets property. Son Richard to be a tenant until mother and father are both dead. Property to be divided in 5 equal parts among sons William Edward, James Henry, Richard Knight, John Albert, and the 5th to be divided between Walter Palmer and grandson Ambrose (or Archie), the only son of daughter Mary Anna. Witnessed by Robert G. Nelson & Samuel A. Nelson. / wills Libre 11/ Folio 470. (Transcription of George's will from the Island Register - the age 99 is possibly a mistake)

Neither George Brace nor Hannah were listed in the PEI cemetery transcriptions provided by the PEI Genealogical Society, but the Brace family gravestone in Sherwood Cemetery gave Hannah's date of death as 1888.


  1. Mann, William Sr.
    1. Efford, Sarah Knight
      1. Mann, Hannah Braidwood
        1. Brace, George
          1. Brace, Mary Hannah Jane
          2. Brace, William Edward
          3. Brace, James Henry
          4. Brace, Richard Knight
          5. Brace, Sarah Evangeline
          6. Brace, John Albert
          7. Brace, Walter Palmer
      2. Mann, William Jr.
      3. Mann, Elizabeth Hutchings
      4. Mann, Mary
      5. Mann, Amelia
      6. Mann, Matilda
      7. Mann, James
      8. Mann, Sarah
      9. Mann, John

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