Simmonds Tuplin, Jemima

Birth Name Simmonds Tuplin, Jemima
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 3, 1892 Lot 2, Prince, Prince Edward Island PEI Baptismal Index; Jemmima Tupplin is in the 1901 census with the family


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Simmonds, William
Mother Smith, Jane Catherine
    Sister     Simmonds, Christy Ellen
    Sister     Simmonds, Jessie Esther
    Sister     Simmonds, Elizabeth Ann
    Sister     Simmonds, Radela Jane
    Sister     Simmonds, Myzie Misy May
    Sister     Simmonds, Sarah Louise
    Brother     Simmonds, William Henry Jr.
    Brother     Simmonds Simmons, Joseph Hudson
    Sister     Simmonds, Laura Bell
         Simmonds Tuplin, Jemima
    Sister     Simmonds Wright, Irene Maud


  1. Simmonds, William
    1. Smith, Jane Catherine
      1. Simmonds, Christy Ellen
      2. Simmonds, Jessie Esther
      3. Simmonds, Elizabeth Ann
      4. Simmonds, Radela Jane
      5. Simmonds, Myzie Misy May
      6. Simmonds, Sarah Louise
      7. Simmonds, William Henry Jr.
      8. Simmonds Simmons, Joseph Hudson
      9. Simmonds, Laura Bell
      10. Simmonds Tuplin, Jemima
      11. Simmonds Wright, Irene Maud