Dennis, Iva Eva Margaret

Birth Name Dennis, Iva Eva Margaret
Gender female


Mrs. Neil MacDonald, in O'Leary in 1953


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth October 20, 1888 Lot 6, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dennis, William HenryJanuary 20, 1865July 15, 1946
Mother Ellis, Mary Ann AnnieNovember 24, 1864February 3, 1953
    Brother     Dennis, Melborne William Wilborn Mel July 7, 1885 January 21, 1976
    Brother     Dennis, Thomas Clinton November 19, 1886
         Dennis, Iva Eva Margaret October 20, 1888
    Sister     Dennis, Donna Gertrude March 14, 1892
    Brother     Dennis, Robert Cecil March 26, 1897


Family of McDonald, Neil and Dennis, Iva Eva Margaret

Married Husband McDonald, Neil ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McDonald, Brenton
McDonald, Noreen