Shore, George Jesse

Birth Name Shore, George Jesse
Gender male
Age at Death 54 years, 1 month, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth December 22, 1876 Oswego, New York  
Death February 3, 1931 Syracruse, New York  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Shore, George W.
Mother McArthur, Ann Annie
    Brother     Shore, David C.
    Brother     Shore, Thomas Douglas
    Sister     Shore, Adelaide Adeline Addie Irene
    Sister     Shore, Rebecca Marguerite
         Shore, George Jesse
    Brother     Shore, Neil W.
Stepfather Rendle, John
Mother McArthur, Ann Annie
    Half-sister     Rendle, Marie Victoria


Survived by wife Louise Mary [Fischer]; eight daughters, Mrs. Geraldine Steinmetz, Mrs Helen Rogers, Mrs Harriett Wilcox; Mrs Ernestine Glanglove; Margaret, Jane, Marion, Ruth. Two sons, Neal Franklin and Robert Shore. Two sisters, Mrs. Thomas Barber and Mrs Melvin Lull, one brother David.


  1. Shore, George W.
    1. McArthur, Ann Annie
      1. Shore, David C.
      2. Shore, Thomas Douglas
      3. Shore, Adelaide Adeline Addie Irene
      4. Shore, Rebecca Marguerite
      5. Shore, George Jesse
      6. Shore, Neil W.