Baglole, Elizabeth Ann

Birth Name Baglole, Elizabeth Ann
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth May 9, 1857 Prince Edward Island, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Baglole, Thomas
Mother Wickett, Sarah
         Baglole, Elizabeth Ann
    Brother     Baglole, William Henry
    Sister     Baglole, Sarah Caroline
    Sister     Baglole, Eliza Ann
    Sister     Baglole, Evangeline Eva
    Brother     Baglole, Lewis Springton
    Brother     Baglole, Richard Lewis
    Brother     Baglole, Thomas Bertram
    Brother     Baglole, John Wickett
    Sister     Baglole, Mary Jane
    Brother     Baglole, James
    Sister     Baglole, Susan M.
    Sister     Baglole, Laura Alice
    Brother     Baglole, George Colwill


She could be Elizabeth A. Pye in the 1881 census with Sarah Baglole, husband Thomas.


  1. Baglole, Thomas
    1. Wickett, Sarah
      1. Baglole, Elizabeth Ann
      2. Baglole, William Henry
      3. Baglole, Sarah Caroline
      4. Baglole, Eliza Ann
      5. Baglole, Evangeline Eva
      6. Baglole, Lewis Springton
      7. Baglole, Richard Lewis
      8. Baglole, Thomas Bertram
      9. Baglole, John Wickett
      10. Baglole, Mary Jane
      11. Baglole, James
      12. Baglole, Susan M.
      13. Baglole, Laura Alice
      14. Baglole, George Colwill