Smith, Brydon Bryden Hudson

Birth Name Smith, Brydon Bryden Hudson
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 1, 1902 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Smith, William Archibald
Mother Blakeley, Eliza
    Sister     Smith, Bessie
    Sister     Smith, Lottie Emeline
         Smith, Brydon Bryden Hudson
    Brother     Smith, Denzel Blakeley
    Sister     Smith, Mildred Helen
    Brother     Smith, William Archibald


    Family of Smith, Brydon Bryden Hudson and Kinch, Leone
Married Wife Kinch, Leone


Erskine Smith. of the Cooper- ative store in summerside spent the week-end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Brydon Smith. Alberton South 1951

Tuesday September 12, 1950

. CHARLOTTETOWN WEDDIN G BELLS SMITH-SHEA Autumn flowers decorated the altar and formed a. beautiful set- ting at the Sacred Heart Church on Tuesday morning when the Rev. W. E. Monaghan united in Holy Matrimony, Estelle Irene. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shea and Ivan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brydon Smith. To the sralns of "Lohengrin's" Wedding March played by lube church organist, Mrs. E. E. Larter, the bride

Wyman Milligan were recent visitors to Alba;-ton, guests of Mrs. Milliganb parents, Mr. and Mn. Brydon smith. Mr. and Mrs. Bryden Bmlth, Al- berton. and Mr. and Mrs. William Mllligan, Murray Roadi were in- vited guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Milligan on Sunday. November

Wedding Miss Dorothy Jean Gordon. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Gordon, Chicago, Ill, was mar- red to Erskine B. Smith Saturday morning, June 19, at St. Sebas. tian Church. The groom lg . mm of Mr. and Mrs. Brydon smith 1954


  1. Smith, William Archibald
    1. Blakeley, Eliza
      1. Smith, Bessie
      2. Smith, Lottie Emeline
      3. Smith, Brydon Bryden Hudson
        1. Kinch, Leone
      4. Smith, Denzel Blakeley
      5. Smith, Mildred Helen
      6. Smith, William Archibald