Harvey, Thomas

Birth Name Harvey, Thomas
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1850 New Brunswick, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Harvey, Alexander
Mother Ramsay, Jane Jennie
    Brother     Harvey, James
    Brother     Harvey, John
    Sister     Harvey, Ann
    Sister     Harvey, Mary
    Sister     Harvey, Barbara
    Sister     Harvey, Flora
         Harvey, Thomas


This could be Thomas:

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 57 Number 105
Date February 11 1880
County Northumberland
Place Newcastle
Newspaper Union Advocate
A coorespondent furnished the sad particulars of the death of Thomas HARVEY brother of John HARVEY, blacksmith of this town, a young man who resided for some time in Newcastle (North. Co.) and who left for California about four mos. ago. In a private note addressed to the editor, the correspondent says the young man was taken ill with typhoid fever about two months after his arrival and succumbed after two months sickness. Resolution of sympathy for his father and relations was passed at a meeting in the Exchange Building, Denver, Colorado on Jan. 30th, 1880 (sgd) George McEWEN, Jas. RAE, John MARQUIS, Geo. ROBINSON, Hiram J. FROST, George H. FLIEGHER, George McLEAN, Donald R. McDONALD, William SCOTT, William COPPING, John SIMPSON, William SIMPSON, James CREIGHTON, Hugh H. CREIGHTON, John MURPHY, Harvey THOMSON, Wm McDONALD.


  1. Harvey, Alexander
    1. Ramsay, Jane Jennie
      1. Harvey, James
      2. Harvey, John
      3. Harvey, Ann
      4. Harvey, Mary
      5. Harvey, Barbara
      6. Harvey, Flora
      7. Harvey, Thomas