McPhee, Elsie

Birth Name McPhee, Elsie
Gender female
Age at Death 36 years, 19 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 16, 1894 Lot 9, Prince, Prince Edward Island 1901 census
Death October 5, 1930 Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McPhee, Hugh
Mother McLean, Jane Adelaide
    Sister     McPhee, Evelyn
    Brother     McPhee, Percy
    Sister     McPhee, Ella
    Brother     McPhee, John
    Sister     McPhee, Vine Vina Pearl
         McPhee, Elsie
    Sister     McPhee, Olive Haines
    Brother     McPhee, Byron Clark
    Sister     McPhee, Doris Dorothy Hill
    Brother     McPhee, Alfred
    Sister     McPhee, Plona
    Brother     McPhee, Peter
    Brother     McPhee, Blanchard Atkinson


Married Mr. Cronly, according to the History of Brae, lived in the States. There was no mention of a husband in her obituary.

Surviving brothers and sisters were Mrs. S. W. Leard, Charlottetown; Mrs. Ernest Parson, Stamford, Conn.; Mrs. W. M. McLeod, Medford, Mass.; Evelyn and Dorothy, Boston, Mass.; and Byron, Medford, Mass.



  1. McPhee, Hugh
    1. McLean, Jane Adelaide
      1. McPhee, Evelyn
      2. McPhee, Percy
      3. McPhee, Ella
      4. McPhee, John
      5. McPhee, Vine Vina Pearl
      6. McPhee, Elsie
      7. McPhee, Olive Haines
      8. McPhee, Byron Clark
      9. McPhee, Doris Dorothy Hill
      10. McPhee, Alfred
      11. McPhee, Plona
      12. McPhee, Peter
      13. McPhee, Blanchard Atkinson