Adams, Mary

Birth Name Adams, Mary
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Adams, John
Mother , Sarah
         Adams, Mary
    Brother     Adams, John Jr.
    Brother     Adams, William
    Brother     Adams, Richard
    Sister     Adams, Catherine
    Sister     Adams, Elizabeth
    Brother     Adams, Thomas


    Family of Vincent, William Robert and Adams, Mary
Married Husband Vincent, William Robert
  1. Vincent, William
  2. Vincent, Sarah


John Adams, wife Sarah, died around 1811 on Prince Edward Island. He had a daughter Mary Vincent.

William and Mary had at least 5 children, including William and Sarah.


  1. Adams, John
    1. , Sarah
      1. Adams, Mary
        1. Vincent, William Robert
          1. Vincent, Sarah
          2. Vincent, William
      2. Adams, John Jr.
      3. Adams, William
      4. Adams, Richard
      5. Adams, Catherine
      6. Adams, Elizabeth
      7. Adams, Thomas