McLean, John A. Sr.

Birth Name McLean, John A. Sr.
Gender male
Age at Death 95 years


A son named John, aged 12, emigrated from Scotland to PEI in 1808 with Laughlin and Catherine McLean. The family may have been in Belfast first, but later settled in Lot 16. The age of this John matches the John McLean who died in the Brae.

According to the history of Brae, John moved to the Brae from Lot 16 in the 1850s. He was the only John McLean in Lot 9 in the 1861 PEI census, and at this time he was farming Green Mill Farm. Local histories say he was called John Alexander or Sandy, but the middle name does not appear on any records.

There are suggestions that John was married twice. No marriage record has been found for either marriage, but Janet McLean or McLaughlin was the mother of children born between 1819 and 1843, and she was buried with her husband. It is assumed that John and Janet were married around 1819, when he was about 24, which doesn't give a lot of time for a first wife, said to be Elizabeth Patton.

The History of Brae has a long list of children: Ann, Flora, Laughlin, Margaret, John Jr., Jane, Catherine, Euphemia, Grace Eliza, Sarah Jane, Alexander, Charlotte, David and Mary. Dates of birth range from around 1819, for Lauchlin, to David in 1851 and Mary, somewhere between 1851-1857. This is an incredible span for one woman, so it is possible that the younger children in the family were grandchildren or other relatives.

In the PEI Baptismal Index, children of John and Janet who were baptized in the Presbyterian Church, Richmond parish, were: Laughlin, Catherine, Ann, Margaret, Flora, Euphemia, Grace and John Jr. Grace Eliza's death record said her parents were John McLean and Jane McLaughlin, a name that was on some of the baptismal records, spelled Jannet Machion or Jannet MacLion, Although the baptismal records do not have a date of birth, John and Jannet seem to have had their children baptized not long after birth, based on census and other records.

The five girls in the 1861 census in this household would be Flora, Jane, Charlotte, Grace and Sarah. The young man 15-21 could be John Alexander, baptized in 1846; the two males between 21-45 would be John, age 31; and Alexander, age 25. John would be the man upwards of 60. John and his son Laughlin were the only McLeans in Lot 9 in 1861.

Grace was the 8th daughter, and Flora the 5th daughter, so an older daughter is missing?

Daughter Jane's obituary said her surviving sisters were Grace Eliza, Charlotte and Ann. Her obituary did not mention David, who died in 1920.

As with many of the early families in Prince County, records are scarce. We rely to some extent on the memories of older residents that were captured in local histories. The names of their first two children, Laughlin and Catherine, do indicate that John had a strong link with the couple who emigrated in 1808.

The gravestone in The Brae says John MacLean Sr. born Scotland 1795, died Lot 8 PEI Feb 16 1885; Jannet MacLean beloved wife born Lot 16 1800, d. Nov 14 1881 in the Brae.

From the Island Register:
Roderick and Alexander
Hugh lived in Lot 13 near Montgomery's and near William Brown.
Hector lived in Lot 16 near the Ferry.
John lived in Brae. He first lived in the Cove.
John McLean and Catherine McKinnon in Lot 32, North River
John McLean and Susan Walker in the Richmond Parish



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1795 Scotland one source says John Alexander  
Death 1890 Lot 8, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada gravestone in Brae says b. Scotland 1795, died Feb 16 1885, wife Jannet 1800-Nov 14 1881  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McLean, Laughlin Lauchlan Lachlinabout 1748March 29, 1842
Mother McLean, Catherine17521834
    Brother     McLean, Alexander about 1777 December 13, 1870
    Sister     McLean, Flora about 1778 before 1881
    Brother     McLean, Hugh 1783 May 25, 1859
    Sister     McLean, Nancy Ann about 1783 February 15, 1878
    Brother     McLean, Hector about 1792 June 7, 1883
         McLean, John A. Sr. 1795 1890
    Sister     McLean, Harriet Euphemia about 1798 about 1863


Family of McLean, John A. Sr. and McLaughlin, Jannet Jane

Married Wife McLaughlin, Jannet Jane ( * 1800 + November 14, 1881 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McLean, MargaretAugust 1, 1862
McLean, John Jr.November 30, 1894
McLean, John Alexanderbefore 1910
McLean, Lauchlin Laughlanabout 1819May 27, 1895
McLean, CatherineNovember 6, 1820October 1901
McLean, AnnSeptember 8, 1824before 1920
McLean, FloraJanuary 4, 1829December 2, 1904
McLean, Jane T.May 11, 1833March 2, 1910
McLean, Alexanderabout 1836before 1895
McLean, CharlotteJuly 1838December 20, 1917
McLean, Euphemia1840February 4, 1902
McLean, Grace ElizaAugust 9, 1843January 6, 1927
McLean, SarahAugust 23, 1847before 1902
McLean, MaryFebruary 9, 1851March 1913
McLean, DavidApril 15, 1851May 13, 1920